How embracing opportunities led Nicole Meier to academic and professional accomplishments

June 18, 2024 Nicole Meier's journey embraced challenges. Pursuing a master's degree in English through OHIO's Online, she excelled in her studies and published research. Her story highlights the value of continuous education.

Building bridges of support: Collaboration in the field of social work

June 6, 2024 Collaboration is crucial in social work careers to address complex social issues. Learn how social workers with an MSW rely on partnering with professionals from various fields to create tailored support.

Diverse horizons: exploring career paths with a Bachelor of Science in Business degree

May 29, 2024 A business degree offers diverse career paths, from marketing and management to entrepreneurship and supply chain management. Online programs provide flexible, affordable education to help you excel in these fields.

The Art of Space: Exploring the impact of interior design on environments

May 28, 2024 Learn how interior design has evolved to create functional, comfortable spaces through strategic arrangement, light utilization, and color psychology, empowered by materials, sustainable practices, and technological advances.

From RN to BSN: A path to nursing leadership and career advancement

May 24, 2024 Looking to expand your horizons and advance your nursing career? Look no further than OHIO's online RN to BSN program to step into leadership roles and enhance your professional development.

OHIO announces spring semester 2024 student academic achievement lists

May 23, 2024 Ohio University is proud to recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of more than 9,500 students who qualified for the President’s, Provost’s or Dean’s Lists, across all of OHIO’s campuses, for spring semester 2024.

Excel in a compassionate career: The advantages of an online degree in human services 

April 29, 2024 Learn about career opportunities in Human Services and how OHIO's 100% online degree program equips you with the skills and knowledge to turn your compassion into a rewarding career helping others.

The advantages of pursuing a master's in chemistry online

April 26, 2024 OHIO's Masters in Chemistry online program can be the catalyst you need. Gain the knowledge and skills to advance in research, development, or your chosen field. It's the perfect formula for success!

How dietitians are shaping the future of healthcare

April 26, 2024 Learn how a master’s degree in nutrition from OHIO Online can empower you to become a registered dietitian (RD) with a wider career scope. Explore how RDs are shaping the future of healthcare in hospitals, communities, and more.

Global Change: The Impact of Business on Economies and Societies

April 25, 2024 Explore how businesses shape our world, from job creation to innovation. Learn how OHIO's online business degree can equip you to be a force for good, fostering progress & social responsibility.

Why a master’s in English is your key to career success

April 25, 2024 OHIO's Online Master's in English sharpens your communication skills for career success. The flexible format fits your studies around your life. Explore diverse careers in writing, education, & more.

Your guide to exploring career paths with a psychology degree

April 24, 2024 Intrigued by the human mind and helping others? Earning an online psychology degree program from OHIO unlocks a world of possibilities! Discover rewarding careers, from HR to education and more.

A profession with heart: Exploring social work careers that address social problems

April 23, 2024 Build a meaningful career in making a difference. Social work offers opportunities for empowering individuals and advocating for change. Explore OHIO's online MSW program.

Empowering lives: The profound impact of human services on individuals and communities

April 22, 2024 Driven by a passion to help others, an online human services degree equips you to tackle social issues and empower individuals. Explore diverse career paths, from child welfare to disaster relief, and discover how your skills can create positive change in communities.

Business analytics mastery: Online degrees for analytical minds

April 19, 2024 Businesses are dealing with a data surge that demands analytics experts. OHIO's online degrees empower you to solve business problems, unlock career opportunities, and achieve success.