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eCampus Undergraduate Course Offerings

Click the fall, spring, or summer buttons on the mobile device image to the left. Print-based courses, as well as Athens and regional campus offerings, also are posted for your convenience.

BSAM Major Course Offerings

Spring BSAM online courses
Summer BSAM online courses
Fall BSAM online courses

BTAS Major Course Offerings

Spring BTAS online courses
Summer BTAS online courses
Fall BTAS online courses

Tuition rates may vary; check tuition for the campus from which the course is listed. Tuition for BSAM and BTAS major courses will be charged at the appropriate campus rate (campus name is listed in course description).

Tentative Course Offerings

The document provided below is a tentative schedule of course offerings for the online Bachelor of Communication Studies major in Applied Communication.

eCampus Graduate Course Offerings


Spring MSS courses
Summer MSS courses
Fall MSS courses

You must be a student within the program to register in these courses.