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Student services include many vital student and academic support functions including numerous student registration requests and issues.

Rebecca Zuspan, assistant dean of student services, from the College of Health Sciences and Professions walks you through common scenarios. While much of the information is specific to the College of Health Sciences and Professions, students in other programs may find value in some of the information she shares.

Other helpful videos are included on the RN2BSN YouTube Channel.

Tier 1 English requirement: All students must complete this requirement, which consists of freshman English and junior English composition.

Tier 1 Math requirement: The Tier 1 math requirement must be completed by all students. Have your DARS handy!

Tier 2 and Tier 3 requirement: Get the scoop on these general education requirements. All students must complete coursework in these 6 areas:

1. Applied Science and Mathematics
2. Cross-Cultural Perspectives
3. Fine Arts
4. Humanities and Literature
5. Natural Sciences
6. Social Sciences

Tuition appeal process: A brief overview of the tuition appeal process at Ohio University. More information about the tuition appeal process is available on the Student Tuition Appeals page.

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