Planned enrichment experiences are an integral part of the Cutler Scholars Program. These enrichment programs are intended to enrich self-understanding, provide insight into civic responsibility and the free enterprise system, and offer meaningful exposure to another culture. Below are the four planned enrichment experiences, in the order they normally occur:

Summer Prior to OU Freshman Year: an experience in self-discovery in an outdoor leadership program such as Outward Bound. 

Nicole Sova, Ann Lee Hancock Konneker-Manasseh Cutler Scholar,North Carolina Outward Bound School: “I want to be like the ocean/power and fluidity/ever changing/ever flowing/constantly impacting the earth; influencing every grain of sand it encounters, and allowing every grain of sand to help form its path. Simple beauty and complex history. I want to be like the ocean.” Read More!

Rob Hammer, Bush-Cutler Scholar, Backpacking in Colorado: “I believe that occasional, complete solitude is an important thing in this age of technology and social media, and something that is becoming more and more uncommon. I can honestly say that it was the longest I had ever gone without any sort of human contact. The solo experience also really highlighted what was important to me because without anything to distract me, those things that were most important became the things that I realized I missed most. ” Read more!

Summer Between Freshman and Sophomore Years: a community/public service experience.

Devon Baum, Jewell-Cutler Scholar,United States Forest Service in Bonners Ferry, Idaho : “These were not just makeshift paths through the woods. The only thing that made them different from a sidewalk through a town was the concrete. They were nice trails. I learned (all of the tasks) on the go because I had never done it before. It was easy to pick up and not much different than other similar things I have done. We would swing pulaskis, pick on one end, axe on the other, for eight hours a day, This was probably the most challenging part for me. My hands would cramp to the handle and by the end of the day I could barely hang on to the tool to swing it. But I… we all kept going until the end of the day and finished the job. It was physically challenging but mentally rewarding after seeing the trail” Read more!

Kara Frisina, Ann Lee Hancock Konneker-Manasseh Cutler Scholar , Volunteering in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala: “I realized how lucky I am to have everything I have in life like a home with food and hot water, a washer and dryer, equal gender rights and especially education. But I’m not just lucky, having what I have also makes me responsible for something. It makes me responsible to utilize every opportunity and to give back to those who weren’t given an opportunity.” Read more!

Summer Between Sophomore and Junior Years: business management internship. Scholars intern in management positions related to their career goals.

Lauren Loftus, Riedel-Cutler Scholar, Management Experience,Owens Corning Chambéry International in Chambéry, France : “In addition to reinforcing my science and chemistry skills this summer, I also learned a lot about working in an industrial setting, and also within a global company… It’s obvious that different groups of people and countries have different cultures than we do, but it was not so obvious to me that their work culture would be so different as well.” Read more!

Summer Between Junior and Senior Years or During Academic Year: a work/study abroad experience, offered to those who successfully completed the two previous experiences. A proposal for work/study abroad must reflect the scholar's previous interest in either the subject of study or the travel destination, or both.

Terrence Berry, Daley Cutler Scholar, Studied abroad in London, England : "I had a chance to immerse myself into everyday life of the city and communicate with the city itself exploring all the nooks and crannies the city may have to offer. I also learned that I absolutely love London and I really would like to work there sometime in the future." Read more!

Scholars are encouraged to propose and design enrichment experiences that reflect their own academic or career interests so long as the experiences meet the goals of the program and are approved by the Cutler Scholars Program staff.