Cameo Appearances

by Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill, Cutler Scholars Director

A slow walk down the second-floor hallway of Trisolini is an important morning ritual for me. The photographs of Cutler-Scholar alumni there never fail to stir memories. Some of these remembrances are of pivotal moments—a Goldwater award, a panicked phone call from Greece, a distinction as outstanding senior. Others are less momentous—a funny story told in an interview, an impassioned remark in colloquia, a poster for an AIDS benefit.

Now that almost ninety of you have graduated, the hallway photo gallery had gotten crowded. We had some pictures hanging so high that only Pete Richardson and Patrick Karnes could see them easily! The plan was to replace the individual 8 x 10 pictures with a framed composite for each class, with individual cameos of every alumna/us. Frankly, I was not sure I would like the smaller pictures but had a long time worry as the project took several months to complete. Ever since last fall, the hallway has been bare. That is until one morning the last week of February when the class of 1997 went up a little after 11 a.m. By noon, the 2010 alumni finished gracing the corridor and the finishing touches were completed.

I have now made several trips down the hall and back, and I have to say that I approve of the new portrait configurations. For one thing, all the pictures are at eye level. In addition, classmates are closer together than before, so I find myself recalling events involving several of you together. Stop by the office sometime and we’ll swap stories.

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