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Developmental Psycholinguistics Lab

Jim Montgomery

W245 Grover Center

About the Facility
The primary research goal in this lab is to better understand the development of various cognitive mechanisms, chiefly, working memory, auditory attention, speed of processing and their relation to complex grammatical comprehension in school-age children with specific language impairment (SLI), as well as in children who are typically developing.

Presently, we are investigating the developmental changes in phonological loop and central executive processing in 6 to 11 year old children and how these aspects of working memory individually and collectively contribute to their comprehension of complex grammar. Secondary research goals in the lab include investigation into the role of nonverbal IQ as a predictor of SLI and the co-morbidity of clinically-defined attention problems in children with language impairment. The work in the lab is funded by both internal and external grants.

The lab is outfitted with state of the art computer equipment (Dell system) and software (e.g., E-Prime, Cool-Edit, PhotoShop) and a variety of peripheral devices for purposes of stimulus development, editing, analysis, and experimental control.