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Graduate Studies
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out an application for the graduate program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ohio University. We believe that you will find our program to be an interesting and rewarding educational experience. We now are accepting only online applications for graduate study. This process is free for applicants to the Chemistry and Biochemistry programs.

Instructions for accessing and completing the online application are given below.

Admission Requirements

All international students are required to take the SPEAK test. Students with a TSE score of 55 or higher on their official ETS reports will be exempted from the SPEAK test requirement. Similarly, a score of 24 or higher on the Speaking section of the IBT exam will exempt a student from further English language instruction.

You will also need to have three letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf. Students are usually admitted to begin their studies in the summer or fall quarters only. Admission in winter or spring quarter is not encouraged. In order to receive full consideration, your application should be received by February 1 for admission in the following fall quarter.

When you apply, we encourage you to contact faculty members working in your area of interest. The research interests and contact information of our faculty members can be found at http://www.ohio.edu/chemistry/facultystaff/area/index.cfm.

To Apply for Admission:

Direct your browser to: http://www.ohio.edu/graduate/apply.cfm

Select the link "online application." A new window will open with several choices. The students should click on "Online Account Instructions" and follow the instructions.

When filling out the online application, you should select as your degree program either Chemistry (MS), Chemistry (PHD), or MCB/Chemistry (PHD). Please note that most chemistry students should select Chemistry (PHD). The MCB/Chemistry (PHD) program is for students who wish to enter the program in Molecular and Cellular Biology and to do their research with one of the biochemistry faculty in our department.

When the application form is completed, the student will need to click on the "submit and pay" button. The amount charged should be $0.00 if one of the above programs is selected. When you submit the online application, you will also need to send the following supporting information

Official transcripts from all previous undergraduate or graduate institutions. These should be send directly to

Graduate College
Ohio University
220 Research and Technology Center
Athens, OH 45701

GRE and, if required, TOEFL test scores. You will need to have official scores sent directly to Ohio University. We can evaluate your application using scores that you report, however, prior to admission you will need to have these scores sent to the university.

3 Letters of recommendation. You should arrange for 3 people who know you and your academic history well to write a letter on your behalf. Directions for using our online letters of recommendation are available on the online application page. You will need the names and email addresses of the people submitting a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

Alternatively, a form can be downloaded at http://www.ohio.edu/graduate/apply.cfm. These letters should be sent directly to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry:

Graduate Secretary
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Clippinger Laboratories
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

If you have any questions about the application process or the graduate program, please feel free to email the graduate secretary, Ms. Marlene Jenkins.