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Russ College of Engineering and Technology
Avionics Engineering Center
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The Avionics Engineering Center captures its intellectual property through patents and copyrights. Below is a list of the items that can be publicly disclosed.

  1. J. Dill, S. Lopez-Permouth, A. Lindsey, Y. Lo, F. Alder, X. Song, "Apparatus and Method of CTCM Encoding and Decoding for a Digital Communication System," U.S. patent application, publication number 20020196862, December 26, 2002. (Filed through the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  2. F. van Graas, A. Soloviev, S. Gunawardena, "Systems and methods for acquisition and tracking of low CNR GPS signals", U.S. patent 8,013,789.
  3. J. Campbell, F. van Graas, M. Uijt de Haag, "Precision approach guidance system and associated method", U.S. patent 7,920,943.


Avionics Engineering Center
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