OHIO and BRICKS Course Equivalencies

Ohio University is proud to offer course equivalencies for several military courses. Additional courses will be added soon.


Military CreditSource IDJST Military Course ID/ACE IdentifierCourse TitleEffective DateOHIO Equivalent (Credit HRS)BRICKS/ Bricks Classes
Army0000038465AR-2201-0603V05Basic LeaderMarch 2020MGT 2000 (3) and BA 2500 (3)Bridges: S&L: BA 2500
Army0000038465AR-2201-0399Basic Combat TrainingMay 2022EXPH 1XXL (2) and REC 1010 (1) and REC 1XXl (1) and PAW 1XXl (3) and TECE 1XXL (2) and UC 1XXL (1)Bridges: L&D: REC 1010
Marine Corps0002048573MC-2204-0105Marine Combat TrainingSeptember 2014REC 1010 and REC 1XXL (2) and PAW 1XXL (2)Bridges: L&D: REC 1010