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Support SAP

Support SAP

Give to the Survivor Emergency Fund

We recognize the financial burden facing our student survivors of interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic/relationship violence, and stalking.

To support survivors’ safety, healing, and address their complex needs, the Survivor Emergency Fund was designed to provide one-time support to mitigate some of the financial barriers survivors face due to trauma and victimization, such as medical bills, housing assistance, academic support, safety measures, etc.

Your gift to the Survivor Emergency Fund will directly help student survivors at Ohio University and is an important resource in helping to reduce the long-term effects of interpersonal violence.

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Give to the Survivor Advocacy Program General Support Fund

Your gift to the Survivor Advocacy Program (SAP) General Support Fund will help to provide survivors and co-survivors the institutional, personal, and psychological support necessary to begin their healing process, and help build awareness and prevention to keep OHIO students safe. This fund provides programmatic support to SAP. 

In a coordinated effort to combat rape culture and sexual violence on campus, SAP provides services including a needs assessment, creation of safety plan, provision of personal items such as bedding and care kits, accommodation assistance, and professional support referrals, late-night transportation options, consent workshops and training, and events like A Mile Together and the “Through the Survivors’ Lens” exhibit.

As a result, OHIO’s students, faculty and staff, and programs are serving as a model for combating rape culture on college campuses. Past student efforts have been featured in NBC News and The Cincinnati Enquirer, showcasing the growing movement on Athens Campus and the collective power of the OHIO community in standing up against sexual violence, together.

SAP provides services to ALL student survivors and co-survivors of Ohio University, regardless of gender identify, sexual orientation or when/where victimization occurred.

Give now to help keep Bobcats safe and to give survivors the resources they need to begin recovery.

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