To access the LEO IACUC submission system, log on to LEO and select "IACUC Application."

The form contains help boxes for common questions regarding use of the form. If you still have questions, please call the Compliance office at 740-593-0664 or e-mail compliance@ohio.edu for assistance.

After over a year of planning, programming, testing, and reviewing, we are pleased to announce the launch of the newly updated electronic Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) program. The Office of Research Compliance has been testing the updated electronic IACUC program since approximately August 2016. This process has included evaluating all aspects of the software for functionality and accuracy, and to "work out the bugs." We have reviewed the investigator preparation and submission process, the activities of the Office of Research Compliance, as well as the activities of the IACUC. These processes all appear to be functioning very well.

  • Effective November 13, 2016, all IACUC documents must be submitted to the Ohio University Office of Research Compliance using the newly updated electronic LEO IACUC program, which is accessible online at the LEO website.
  • The IACUC documents that are currently in the LEO system (for example, approved protocols, draft protocols, etc.) will be automatically transferred to the newly updated program.
  • During the transition to the updated electronic IACUC program, investigators that previously received approval for a proposal will need to respond to several new questions when they attempt to submit an addendum (amendment) or complete a renewal application.
  • The updated electronic IACUC program now has the capability for an investigator to submit an event report or a deviation report, for an approved study, online.
  • The updated electronic IACUC program now has the capability for an investigator to submit an annual report for each approved IACUC protocol. More details concerning the new annual report function will be provided in the future.
  • Each investigator listed on a protocol must upload their own CITI training completion report for the IACUC required training, which is entitled "Working with the IACUC." The CITI training completion report can be uploaded at the LEO IACUC login screen or upon submission of a protocol, if you are the Primary Investigator. Once the training document is uploaded by the individual investigator then the Office of Research Compliance will validate the training record and insert an expiration date for the training. The IACUC required CITI training completion report will not need uploaded again, even for a new protocol, until the training expires.
  • All protocols currently in the LEO IACUC system were approved with the roles for investigators as PI, Co-I or Other Personnel. All of these approved protocols were transferred to the updated electronic IACUC program and these approved protocols have listed the roles for each person as either PI, Co-I or Student. The reason for this change is that the updated IACUC program now has the option for investigators to have their role as either PI, Co-I, Student, or Other. If you want to revise the role for anyone listed in your protocol(s) from a Student to another role then you will need to submit an amendment.

We know that you will be pleased with the new system.

This page last updated on November 18, 2016.