Overview of the Tun Abdul Razak Lecture

The Tun Abdul Razak Lecture (Razak Lecture) is delivered in Malaysia by a distinguished professor or eminent speaker from a prestigious university or organization.  This lecture addresses a topic of mutual interest to the scholar speaker and the audience, and brings to Malaysia the latest thinking on a topic of substantial local and global interest.

Previous Lectures

  1. Dr. Richard Vedder, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Ohio University, “Malaysian Economic Transformation in Historical Perspective”, October 29th, 1993
  2. Dr. Clifton Wharton Jr, Former US Deputy Secretary of State, “Pension Funds and the Globalization of Capital Markets”, 1994
  3. Dr. Alfred E. Eckes, Ohio Eminent Research Professor, “Malaysia, America, and the Challenge of World Trade: Past and Prospect”, 1995
  4. Dr. Charles J. Ping, President Emeritus, Ohio University, “A Vision of a Developed University”, October 29th, 1996
  5. Tan Sri Mohd Ghazali Shafie, Former Minister of Malaysia, “Nationalism and Globalism: A Personal Experience”
  6. Dr. Stephen Kopp, Provost, Ohio University, “Learner-Centered Education in the Knowledge Era”
  7. Dr. Carl W. Ernst, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Islamic Studies, University of North Carolina, “The West and Islam? Rethinking Orientalism and Occidentalism”, Aug 9th, 2007
  8. Dr. William I. Brustein, Vice-Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Ohio State University, “A Roadmap to a Global University”, Sept 30th, 2010
  9. Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Former Secretary-General of ASEAN, “ASEAN and its Impact on Global Politics and Economy”, January 15th, 2013
  10. John Sabraw, Professor of Art, Ohio University, "Synergy of Curiosity: From Acid to Art", December 3rd, 2018