41.008: Academic Year Pay Schedule for Faculty




August 16, 2018

Initiated by:

Colleen Bendl | Chief Human Resource Officer

Endorsed by:

Chaden Djalali | Executive Vice President and Provost

Approved by:

M. Duane Nellis | President

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  1. Overview

    This policy establishes the standard pay dates for faculty.

    This policy does not pertain to summer sessions or overload contracts.

    Ohio university pays full or part-time faculty on academic year appointments in eighteen payments during the academic year. Nine equal payments will be made for each academic semester:

    1. Fall semester payments will be paid August thirty-first, September fifteenth and thirtieth, October fifteenth and thirty-first, November fifteenth and thirtieth, and December fifteenth and thirty-first;

    2. Spring semester payments will be paid on January fifteenth and thirty-first, February fifteenth and twenty-eighth (or twenty-ninth), March fifteenth and thirty-first, April fifteenth and thirtieth, and May fifteenth.

  2. Special cases

    In cases where the twelve-month pay option is selected, twenty-four payments will be paid semi-monthly, beginning on August thirty-first and through August fifteenth of the subsequent year (see also policy 41.007).

    All faculty who do not have appointments for a full academic year will be paid on a semester basis. Nine equal payments will be made for each academic semester and paid on the same payment schedule stipulated in part (A)(1) or (A)(2) of this policy for the semester employed. Contracts that not fully approved by the payroll processing deadline will be equally divided over the remaining pays for that semester. Any off cycle contracts will be processed in the same manor and will be divided equally over the remaining pays based on the appointment start and end date.

    In the event that a partial semester pay is necessary, it will be calculated in accordance with policy 41.004.

    Overload contracts will be paid in accordance with policy 41.002.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Vice President for Finance and Administration

  2. Faculty Senate

  3. Payroll Operations Manager