40.050: Payroll Time Reporting for Hourly Employees




November 19, 2021

Initiated by:

Colleen Bendl | Chief Human Resource Officer 

Endorsed by:

Joseph Trubacz | Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration, CFO and Treasurer of the BOT

Approved by:

Hugh Sherman | President

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  1. Purpose

    To establish guidelines for payroll time reporting for hourly employees including student employees who are paid hourly. Bargaining unit employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement should refer to their current contract for specifics of participation. 

  2. Policy

    When reporting hours worked to the Payroll Office, the guidelines stated in the Procedures section, immediately below must be observed.

  3. Procedures

    1. Start and stop times

      1. Start and stop time must accurately reflect the time the employee actually began and ended work (as opposed the time the employee may have arrived at or left the premises).

      2. Hours may not be reported when an employee is on leave of absence.

      3. Supervisory approval is needed before submission of hours to Payroll.

      4. Student employees are compensated for actual time worked. Payment is not made for sick time, holidays, vacation, or other time off. In accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the times in and out must be the actual starting and quitting times.

      5. All hourly employees are paid on a biweekly basis.

    2. Overtime

      1. Overtime hours are calculated on a weekly basis only and will be paid on that basis.

      2. Overtime hours are calculated by subtracting 40 from the sum total of weekly hours worked, vacation hours, sick hours, holiday hours, and other hours. 

    3. See also Policy 40.025 "Jury Duty and Court Leave." 



Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Chief Finance and Administrative Officers

  2. Vice Presidents

  3. Deans

  4. Planning Unit Heads