Virtual Education Software CEU Courses

Virtual Education Software (VESi) courses are open enrollment. Participants can enroll at any time and begin when they wish with six months to complete each course. Contact with the instructor is through e-mail and via 800 number. Note: These courses for educators are developed by VESi. 

Courses Available

Note: In Ohio, theses courses can only be used for recertification by teachers who are currently employed full-time in an Ohio school district and who are under the purview of an LPDC. All other teachers wishing to renew will need to take college credit. It is the responsibility of every teacher to get any course pre-approved before registration.

We strongly encourage you to check with your school district and/or state licensing agency to verify these course offerings will meet your district and/or state requirements for salary advancement and/or state certificate re-licensure BEFORE registering.

VESi courses are now tablet compatible, making it easy for you to recertify anytime, anywhere with reliable, stable online access.

Note: CEUs will only be awarded to students receiving a C+(78%) or better on each exam in their course work.

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