Stories tagged with: Anthropology

Between the waves of migration and tourism: OHIO researcher explores challenges of Mediterranean cities

March 11, 2024 As Mediterranean cities grapple with rising migration and an increase in mass tourism, Ohio University researcher Smoki Musaraj, Ph.D., is working with experts in the region to understand the effects of these transformations on the everyday lives of migrant and poor residents—and how they are fighting back.

Student David Lamp makes discovery of a lifetime: fluted point from first peoples in Ohio

June 26, 2023 David Lamp was on his hands and knees, trowel in hand, back at OHIO as a graduate student on June 2, when he made the discovery of a lifetime.

Women Who Tell Our Stories: Madeleine Hordinski

March 29, 2023 Madeleine Hordinski BA ’20, BSVC ’20, has been taking pictures of people ever since she was in her young teens. Now, the freelancer's work has appeared in multiple national publications.

OHIO students get taste of archaeology at ancient Virginia site

January 6, 2022 A select group of professors, students and alumni traveled to Virginia to take part in an archaeological dig on a 13,000-year-old site from Nov. 4-13.

Curran searches for clues to human dispersal into Europe along the Danube River

June 28, 2021 Early human ancestors 2 million years ago would have found a hospitable environment to enter Europe through southern Romania along the Danube River and its tributaries, says an OHIO anthropologist.

Archaeological Field School offers hands-on experience with discovery of new sites

February 17, 2020 For more than 30 years, Ohio University’s Archaeological Field School has trained hundreds of anthropology students how to excavate and preserve artifacts from southeastern Ohio sites.