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Building bridges of support: Collaboration in the field of social work

June 6, 2024 Collaboration is crucial in social work careers to address complex social issues. Learn how social workers with an MSW rely on partnering with professionals from various fields to create tailored support.

Ohio University Chillicothe hosts prevention conference

May 30, 2024 Nearly 200 individuals from fields including social work, counseling, education, law enforcement, healthcare and community advocacy convened at OHIO Chillicothe on May 29 for a prevention conference.

Ohio University Chillicothe to host prevention conference

May 9, 2024 Ohio University Chillicothe will host Innovation in Prevention in Rural Ohio: The Southcentral Ohio Prevention Conference on May 29, 2024.

Double the achievement: Betts sisters shine bright as outstanding students at OHIO Eastern

May 8, 2024 Alyssa and Sierra Betts graduated with honors and received outstanding student awards. Their journey through college was marked by dedication, passion and a deep commitment to their fields and community.

Outstanding Graduate emphasizes importance of forging friendships

April 30, 2024 Connections with classmates and professors provided the support needed for Kaitlyn Foster to reach her goals and become an Outstanding Graduate.

Ohio University Chillicothe hosts social work field fair to connect students with community partners

April 29, 2024 OHIO Chillicothe social work majors recently connected with government and community agencies and learned about different areas of social work practice at a social work field fair.

A profession with heart: Exploring social work careers that address social problems

April 23, 2024 Build a meaningful career in making a difference. Social work offers opportunities for empowering individuals and advocating for change. Explore OHIO's online MSW program.

Overcoming challenges with resilience, community support

April 19, 2024 Robert Elkins has earned the distinction of Ohio University Southern Outstanding Graduate for his achievements during his pursuit of an Associate in Arts and Bachelor of Social Work.

OHIO Zanesville social work graduates come back to campus

April 2, 2024 OHIO Zanesville welcomes back social work graduates to campus. Check out our campus spotlights of area social workers making an impact in our community.

Ohio University Chillicothe celebrates Women of Distinction

March 26, 2024 Ohio University Chillicothe celebrated women who contribute to OHIO Chillicothe and the Chillicothe community at the annual Women of Distinction program on Tuesday, March 19.

Ohio University Southern professor revolutionizes social work education with innovative learning lab

March 26, 2024 After receiving funding from the 1804 Grant, OHIO Southern social work professor Dr. Joy Shytle created a Social Work Learning Lab, complete with virtual reality training.

Kentucky Community and Technical College System and Ohio University offer new path for additional higher education

March 8, 2024 Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) and Ohio University have partnered to provide a seamless transfer process that allows students to pursue additional higher education.

Social work advocacy: Making a difference

February 6, 2024 Social workers are the champions for those facing inequality and injustice. Through counseling, advocacy, and resource connection, they tackle complex issues like poverty, mental health, and child welfare. From healthcare settings to government agencies, their diverse roles build a brighter future for individuals and communities alike. Be a champion for equality and empower communities - become a social worker with an online MSW degree.

Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives: The Impact of Social Work

January 23, 2024 Social workers have the power to create transformative change at both individual and community levels. This article highlights inspiring stories of two online MSW students aspiring to empowered communities, restored hope, and transformed lives. Learn about the invaluable contributions social work professionals make and how you can become a part of this impactful journey through OHIO's online MSW program.

Alumna of OHIO Chillicothe's inaugural Social Work cohort returning to teach next generation of health care professionals

January 23, 2024 Nikki (Susan) Priest has returned to her alma mater, Ohio University Chillicothe, to teach in social work.