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OHIO professor Nancy Stevens helps uncover ecosystem evolution in Africa in paper published in Science

April 28, 2023 OHIO's Nancy J. Stevens Ph.D., is coauthor on a paper published in the journal Science and funded by the NSF that documents the evolution of grassland ecosystems on continental Africa.

Ohio University researchers Patrick O’Connor and Riley Sombathy co-author paper published in Science on body size evolution in dinosaurs

February 23, 2023 Researchers including OHIO professor Patrick O’Connor and Ph.D. student Riley Sombathy discovered through examining the bones of dinosaurs there was no relationship between growth rate and body size.

Ohio University researchers help reveal evolution of oldest spinosaur brains

February 20, 2023 Researchers from Ohio University have reconstructed the brains and inner ears of two British spinosaurs, helping uncover how these large predatory dinosaurs interacted with their environment.

Early bird with tall, sickle-shaped beak reveals hidden diversity during the Age of Dinosaurs

November 25, 2020 An international team of researchers led by Dr. Patrick O’Connor announced the discovery of a new bird fossil that helps better understand convergent evolution of the face and beak shape.

Adelphi, OHIO researchers determine dinosaur replaced teeth as fast as sharks

December 9, 2019 A meat-eating dinosaur species (Majungasaurus) that lived in Madagascar some 70 million years ago replaced all its teeth every couple of months or so, research by OHIO and Adelphi faculty found.

Early species developed much faster than previously thought, Ohio University research shows

August 15, 2019 Alycia Stigall and researchers have narrowed in a specific time during an era known as the Ordovician Radiation, showing that new species actually developed rapidly during a much shorter time frame.

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