Stay healthy and informed as tickborne illnesses increase in Ohio, nationwide

July 24, 2024 Lyme disease, Ohio's most prevalent tickborne illness continues to become more common with most infections occurring in spring and summer.

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine researchers uncover key insights on a commonly used field test to assess muscular power in older adults

July 3, 2024 A recent study conducted by Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute researchers offers health care professionals a more comprehensive understanding of muscular power and endurance in seniors.

Ohio University’s OMNI researchers lead global rankings with innovative health research

July 1, 2024 Several researchers in OHIO's Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute were ranked as some of the top scientists in their fields by ScholarGPS.

OHIO researchers discover way to make essential biotesting more accessible using less expensive materials

June 27, 2024 Researchers from several fields at Ohio University recently collaborated to make lateral flow assay biotests less expensive and more accessible allowing more people to take potentially life-saving tests.

First Infectious Diseases in Appalachian Ohio Summit looks at dramatic rise in tick-borne disease

June 26, 2024 ITDI has brought its fight against infectious diseases to Appalachia, holding an inaugural summit with Ohio health officials to talk about diseases affecting this region.

Study finds creation of substance use programs in hospitals are driven by needs assessments

June 24, 2024 A study by OHIO researchers found hospitals were more likely to create support services to address substance use in their community if a needs assessment indicated it was an issue needing attention.

Guiding humanity beyond the moon: OHIO researchers push to revolutionize human space biology

June 20, 2024 Nate Szewczyk, several OHIO students, and colleagues coauthored papers published in the journal "Nature" on how to help guide humanity into missions beyond where we’ve already been in space.

New study reveals how Ohio hospitals and health departments can join forces to tackle poor mental health, substance use and obesity

June 11, 2024 OHIO researchers coauthor paper exploring the alignment between hospitals and public health departments in addressing community health needs in the state of Ohio.

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine receives prestigious $2.4 million NIH grant to examine skeletal muscle performance and metabolism

June 6, 2024 The NIH recently awarded Heritage College researchers a grant for over $2.4 million that will fuel groundbreaking research in skeletal muscle performance and metabolism.

OHIO researcher says immigration may be key to solving Japan’s population crisis

May 24, 2024 Charlie Morgan, Ph.D., a researcher and associate professor of sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences, believes increased immigration could be a solution to Japan's population crisis.

Expanding the broadband workforce: Ohio University helps solve training, access issues in Southeast Ohio

May 17, 2024 Through teaching a new 5G Readiness Certification, Ohio University will help expand the broadband workforce and provide Southeast Ohioans with reliable, affordable internet access.

OHIO awards Konneker Medal to alumnus Jon Snyder

May 16, 2024 Ohio University graduate Jon Snyder was awarded the Konneker Medal for Commercialization and Entrepreneurship at the Ohio University Inventors Dinner.

Four Ohio University students awarded prestigious 2024 Goldwater Scholarship

May 9, 2024 Four outstanding OHIO students have been named winners of the 2024 Goldwater Scholarship, the premier undergraduate scholarship in mathematics, engineering and the natural sciences in the nation.

Taking the fall: How stunt performers struggle with reporting head trauma

May 9, 2024 OHIO researchers are tracking the reasons why many stunt performers are reluctant to report head trauma, and looking for solutions to the problem

OHIO students honored with Student Enhancement Awards

May 2, 2024 The Ohio University Student Enhancement Awards (SEA) program provided 30 students with a total of $143,490 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this spring.