New classroom help system launched on Athens campus to improve support requests, response

Published: September 22, 2023 Author: Staff reports

When OHIO instructors encounter malfunctioning technology in the classroom or when their scheduled space is not properly provisioned, the educational impact of their planned lesson may be diminished. This can cause undue stress for instructors and compromise the overall experience for students. 

The Office of Information Technology has devised a method to ensure that learning spaces will be set up with the correct tools, technology will work correctly, and spaces are safe to use. These efforts will provide instructors with a quick and timely resolution to barriers impeding their instructional success.

OIT has established a simple method for anyone to report classroom technology issues

A new centralized classroom support system is being rolled out for all centrally supported classrooms on the Athens campus this fall. All classroom requests (classroom technology, maintenance, scheduling, capacity issues, etc.) can be submitted via a classroom help ticket. The classroom help system assigns support requests to the responsible unit and notifies them to begin work to address the problem.  

Over the summer, the Office of Information Technology piloted this new solution with the Office of the Registrar, Design and Construction, Facilities Management, and University Planning to establish a workflow that allows faculty and students to report any Athens based central classroom concerns via a single ticket. 

Faculty and students can easily report concerns by scanning the QR codes located on classroom lecterns, or by selecting the help icon on the classroom computer desktop. These options ensure that everyone knows where to submit a ticket and whom to contact when the need arises!   

For critical or emergency situations, contact Facilities directly at 740-593-2911 or call 911

Classroom support requests can be completed by one of three options
A screenshot of the Get Tech Help webpage
  • Scanning the QR codes located on classroom lecterns 
    The Help Desk icon that is on classroom computer desktops
  • Selecting the help icon on the classroom computer desktop 
  • Calling the OIT service desk at 740-593-1222  

To inform continuous improvement of the centralized classroom support system, all OHIO community members are encouraged to provide feedback to the Office of Information Technology. For immediate support, call the service desk at 740-593-1222.