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OMSAR to join OHIO’s Multicultural Center at the heart of campus

OHIO’s Division for Diversity and Inclusion has announced that the Office of Multicultural Success and Retention (OMSAR) will be moving from its current location at 31 South Court Street to combine services with the Multicultural Center in Baker University Center.

“This transition will create a unique, one-stop shop at the heart of OHIO’s campus that stands ready to further support multicultural student success,” said Interim Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Russell Morrow. “Our team is excited to provide a vital part of our University community with a unified location that offers a wide range of academic support, programming and increased opportunities for social engagement.”

Dr. Morrow noted that, in addition to providing OHIO’s multicultural students with a centralized location for academic support and engagement, this combined approach will also increase opportunities for the Multicultural Center and the University community to further connect through cultural conversations, awareness and programming.

“The Multicultural Center and OMSAR have long shared a common goal – to positively impact the lives of OHIO’s multicultural students and our communities,” Morrow said. “Joining these areas enables us to further their shared commitments by offering a singular location that lives at the intersection of academic support and social engagement.”

Additional information about OHIO’s Multicultural Center and its available student support and engagement services is available online at:

August 24, 2023
Staff reports