Community Engaged Scholars Training Program accepting applicants for summer and fall 2022

Published: April 15, 2022 Author: Staff reports

The Center for Campus Community Engagement (CCCE) invites OHIO faculty and administrators to participate in the Community Engaged Scholars Training Program this summer or fall.

The program is a professional development training focused on community engagement, a high-impact experiential learning practice. Interested faculty and administrators can register online at

Through thought-provoking online modules, rich discussions, and collaboration with experts, Community Engaged Scholars will develop capacity for community-engaged teaching and scholarly activity that serves to strengthen our democracy and contribute to the public good. Designated Community Engaged Courses qualify for the OHIO Honors Program, BRICKS General Education Learning and Doing Credit, and align with the OHIO Guarantee+.

Participants in the program will: 

  • Learn how community engaged service-learning can be incorporated into a course curriculum
  • Design curricular activities and syllabi for C-Courses
  • Engage with community partners and experienced faculty to learn best practices for community engagement locally and globally.

The summer Community Engaged Scholars Training will begin May 17, 2022. The fall program will start on August 30, 2022. Led by CCCE Faculty Fellow and Patton College of Education Associate Professor Dr. Mike Kopish, the program will span 12-15 weeks and will include a mid-point and closing seminar.

Through the Community Engaged Scholars Program, participants will develop a C-Course proposal, which can be submitted to the CCCE C-Course Review Subcommittee for review. For approved C-Courses, the Community Engaged Scholar will be awarded $250.