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College of Business ranked among the best in country by Poets&Quants

Ohio University’s College of Business ranked among the best schools in the country by Poets&Quants for Undergrads on its list of 2022 Best Undergraduate Business Schools. OHIO had the second-highest ranking among public institutions in the state, as well.

“I am proud of the College of Business’s commitment to providing a unique and innovative learning experience rank among the best in the nation,” Ohio University President Hugh Sherman said.

Overall, Ohio University’s College of Business ranked 67th in the country. Poets&Quants, a leading online publication for undergraduate business education news, determines the ranking through a composite of metrics consisting of admissions, career outcomes and alumni experience. For each individual metric, Ohio University ranked 79th for admission, 73rd for career outcomes and 30th for alumni experience.

OHIO’s College of Business ranked seven spots higher than in 2021, where it was ranked as 74th in the country. This is the sixth annual undergraduate business school rankings by Poets&Quants.

“The experience that students get in the College of Business is unique,” said Jim Strode, director of undergraduate programs in the College of Business, citing the college’s student-focused approach and emphasis on experiential learning. “We have a lot. It’s hard for students to leave the College of Business without robust experiences and a solid resume.”

When ranking universities Poets&Quants considers both public and private institutions. However, among just public universities, OHIO’s College of Business ranks 29th in the country. That means among public universities, OHIO ranked 36th for administration, 32nd for career outcomes and 10th for alumni experience.

OHIO ranked third in the state and second amongst public institutions, respectively.

“What really stands out is that alumni number,” Strode said.

Strode said the reason the College of Business ranks so high in alumni experience is because of the positive experiences alumni had at Copeland Hall. He describes the relationship the school maintains with its alumni as “self-perpetuating,” with many graduates providing mentorship and career opportunities to the current generation of Business Bobcats.

“We keep getting stronger as a result of the commitment our alumni have to give back,” Strode said.

Jackie Andrascik, who graduated with a Business Administration degree in 2019, still very much identifies as Bobcat years into her career as an account executive at Procter & Gamble.

“I think the Ohio University network remains strong, not only with me but with the older generations as well,” she said. “Friends you make at Ohio University are going to be forever friends.”

Although Andrascik is living in Arkansas, she still takes time to mentor students interested in following a career similar to hers — especially students interested in working at Procter & Gamble.

“I always feel like an [Ohio University] grad will do well in my company,” she said.

Andrascik was in part inspired to follow her current career track at Procter & Gamble because of encouragement by College of Business alumni who worked at the company while she was in school. While at OHIO, she landed an internship at Procter & Gamble which blossomed into a career after graduation.

While in college, Andrascik was heavily involved in the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre, which she said was critical to the development of her professional trajectory.

“All the programs and opportunities you have when at [Ohio University] give you all the professional development you need in the real world,” she said.

Innovation and experiential learning are central to the college’s curriculum, which is designed to teach students direct skill sets needed to be competitive in the marketplace, according to Strode. Before graduation, many students land highly sought-after internships, as well as a domestic or global trip, he said.

“We are not complacent, we are not sitting still,” Strode said. “We are not reacting to the market. We are looking at the region’s needs, what the state of Ohio needs, what the world needs.”

The College of Business offers 11 undergraduate majors at the Athens campus. The college also offers five minors and several certificates for students to select from to help build their portfolio of knowledge, skills and experiences. 

March 1, 2022
Macklin Caruso