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OHIO’s Media School encourages students' creativity through Summer Creative Works Program

Published: July 9, 2020 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University’s School of Media Arts and Studies is encouraging students to use their creativity this summer through the 2020 MDIA Creative Works Program.

The initiative, created by MDIA School director Josh Antonuccio, aims to provide students with an incentive to work on creative projects through the summer, utilizing their skills in various elements of media production while the industry is nearly at a standstill due to COVID-19.

“Many students in the media production industry have lost jobs and internships because of the global pandemic. In light of this, the Media School has put together a fund to provide incentives for students to produce creative projects in multiple areas of production throughout the summer,” Antonuccio said.

The Media Creative Works Program will solicit creative submissions from students’ work across four categories of production, including games/animation, narrative short film, non-fiction short film, and music/audio production. Work must be completed and submitted no later than Friday, July 31.

“The Creative Works program is a good incentive to keep progress fresh with students,” Nathan Cain, a student in the Media School participating in the program, said. “The biggest impact it has had on me is seeing the improvements I’ve made since the first project I ever did by myself. It’s allowing a wide range of creative freedoms in the provided areas of work and even has opportunities for students to blend their skills and passions.”

Submitted work will be reviewed by a panel of MDIA faculty members in August and a total of four $250 awards will be given to student winners. All projects must be created during the 2020 summer break and be less than 10 minutes in length. Only one submission per student or student group will be admitted.

Along with the Creative Works Program, Antonuccio and the School of Media Arts & Studies have also implemented two other initiatives to engage students in the media industry: the Virtual Nelsonville Music Festival (VNMF) and the Summer MDIA Industry Series.

VNMF is a collaboration with the Nelsonville Music Festival and the Media School to host a virtual music festival in leu of the four-day in person festival. The initiative will allow for students and recent graduates to partake in a paid internship to help produce the virtual festival.

The Summer MDIA Industry Series is an online interview series that connects professionals in the media industry with students and alumni for professional development and engagement opportunities. The series is run by Antonuccio and associate professors Brian Plow and Roger Cooper. The Wednesday night events have garnered many notable alumni speakers, as well as leading creators in the industry. In the coming weeks they will welcome MDIA alum John Swartz, Vice President, Internal Creative Producer at Lucasfilm and Amaechi Uzoigwe, manager of iconic hip hop duo Run The Jewels. 

“All three of these programs have been strategically developed to assist current students in engaging with the industry, especially when it’s in such a state of disruption,” Antonuccio said. “Providing students with these opportunities is continuing to help them build their resume and make influential connections even when facing extraordinary circumstances.”