Two Grey Hills Weaving

KMA, Two Grey Hills Weaving, Unknown weaver

Two Grey Hills Weaving

Unknown weaver

c. 1910


Bob: This was the very first weaving that Henry, Shimá and I looked at together. As it was unrolled, Shimá brought her hands to her face as she absorbed the impact of this weaving. Shimá explained that this weaving had the most power of any of the weavings in the catalog. We watched Shimá take out a small pouch and loosen the strings. She withdrew a pinch of corn pollen and offered a blessing to the weaving. Her offering of pollen re-energized the weaving. 

Henry: Shimá says that the arrows point out to radiate the energy of the weaving. The weaver was engaged in great hardships that required deep connection with the Holy People. Her story of struggle is part of the weaving. The arrow that pierces the center of the rug is for both healing and protection. 

Bob: As you view this weaving, consider how that first quick glance suggests reflection symmetries. Deeper inspection shows that the weaving is full of asymmetries—perhaps reflecting, as Shimá says, the aspirations of the weaver to heal and to find her way from struggle to hózhó (balance).