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nick in perth
November 08, 2013 : Nick Ramsey Study Abroad Blog: Entry 8

- Nick Ramsey is an Ohio University Lancaster Middle Childhood Education major who is studying abroad this fall by student teaching in Perth, Australia. He is writing a bi-weekly blog for the OUL website. He is the first Ohio University regional campus student to be selected for the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching or COST. Click here to read more on Nick's story.  


My roommates and I have been slowly transforming ourselves into "Perthians", and have done a pretty good job so far getting involved with the local activities. We decided that going to a Perth Wildcats basketball game and rooting for the home team would surely get us acquainted. It was an absolute blast. The atmosphere was tremendous and the Wildcats won by almost 40 points! 6 – 0 baby! The two top scorers on the team were really good, hitting threes from every angle. The only problem though, was that they were American players. They were sent here from NBA teams in order to refine their skills before entering the league back in the states. Perth has adopted them as their own, selling many t-shirts, jerseys and other merchandise marketed around their two star players.


I went downtown to the library to get some studying done last Friday night (crazy right?) and ran into some more events going on in the city. As I told you before, there always seems to be something going in the city from magicians, to street performers, to concerts, etc. This time we had a hip hop/dance/Halloween festival going on at the vast oval. They would have rap groups come up to perform with a mix of dance crews and b-boys throughout the day. Then as the night went on, a Halloween costume party took the stage with people showcasing their costumes for prizes. It was a rather unique situation but I had a great time just hanging out and being part of the crowd.
My classes have still been running pretty smoothly. My year 8 classes have had guests from an engineering company that have been coming every Tuesday to do projects with the kids. They really enjoyed it and I even think they learned something. Other than that we have been talking about phase changes, including sublimation so we had the chance to play with dry ice. My supervisor came to observe the dry ice lesson which I was nervous about but it actually ran pretty well. He was very impressed with how we fit a ton a different activities into one lesson including teacher demonstrations as well as student centered activities. The year 10's are in Astronomy and I am still involved with creating the resources and assessments for this unit. So far we have done group presentations, writing articles, web quests, and universe scavenger hunts. We even watched a "Through the wormhole" episode about possible life forms outside of Earth. It was been a fun past couple of weeks.


Well I am down to my last two weeks of school, and I am already starting to miss my students. This school has been such a good time as I have become a bit of a celebrity here usually known as, "The American Guy" as I walk through the halls. The teachers and staff in my department have been very supportive throughout my entire practicum. We still have morning tea together every Wednesday when teachers bring in the most delicious dishes. A few teachers were nice enough to organize a farewell dinner for me next Thursday night. Time has been flying by; I can't believe it's almost time to catch the plane back. But it isn't over yet, there is still so much to do!!