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Faculty Newsmakers

Faculty Newsmakers

Each year, University Communications and Marketing (UCM) celebrates OHIO’s faculty for the exemplary work they do to elevate the University’s national and global profile via media coverage of their research and subject matter expertise.

Every year since 2015, Ohio University community members have honored hundreds of OHIO faculty who promote their research, expertise and overall excellence of our University through their interactions with the press.

Individuals who are recognized are forever known as “OHIO faculty newsmakers.” They are consummate faculty who, regardless of their title or classification, currently teach at Ohio University and have been included in media placements provided by Cision, a media monitoring platform utilized by UCM to track University news.

2022 Faculty Newsmakers

In the calendar year 2022, 174 faculty members from every college and regional campus were featured in 2,044 media reports from all over the world. Some faculty members were mentioned in media outlets such as The New York Times, Associated Press, Science Magazine and more. They talked on subjects ranging from first ladies campaigning for their husbands, name image and likeness (NIL) in the NCAA, politics in Ohio, dinosaur fossils and the association between high insulin dosage and cancer.

"Ohio University's faculty newsmakers drive our institution's impact and influence on campus and off, " Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Sayrs said. "Their expertise, insights, and dedication to scholarly excellence not only enrich our academic community but also resonate far beyond our campus shaping conversations, providing expert insight and sharing innovative research that can better our world."

Learn more about our 2022 top newsmakers' expertise and experiences by watching their interviews below.

1. David Ridpath

Dave Ridpath, professor of sports business in the College of Business, was mentioned 537 times in the media in calendar year 2022. Ridpath has been a top newsmaker every year since its inception in 2015, earning the number one spot in 2020 and 2016. Many of his mentions came from being quoted talking on name, image and likeness (NIL) in the NCAA. Ridpath is an expert in intercollegiate athletics, intercollegiate athletic governance, sports law, sports administration, and governance reform, among others. Some of his media mentions include the Associated Press, ESPN and Sportico.

David Ridpath – OHIO Expert

2. Katherine Jellison

Katherine Jellison, history professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, was mentioned 291 times in the media in calendar year 2022. She has been a newsmaker every year since its inception, being named one of the top newsmakers in 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2015, claiming the number one spot in 2018 and 2017. Jellison is an expert in first ladies, women in politics, U.S. marriage and wedding customs, and elections, to name a few. Many of her media mentions came from being quoted on how Dr. Jill Biden was out campaigning for her husband, President Joe Biden, during midterm elections. Some of the major outlets she was quoted in include CNN and Smithsonian Magazine.

Katherine Jellison – OHIO Expert

3. Lawrence Witmer

Lawrence Witmer, Chang Ying-Chien Professor of Paleontology and professor of Anatomy in the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, was mentioned 140 times in calendar year 2022. He has been named a newsmaker every year and a top newsmaker in 2020, 2016, and 2015, claiming the top newsmaker spot in 2019. He is an expert in paleontology, anatomy, dinosaurs, evolution and fossils. His research lab was among the first to utilize computerized tomography (CT) scanning and computer visualization in paleontological research. Witmer was quoted extensively on how a 67-million-year-old fossil turned the theory of bird evolution upside-down, as well as on dinosaurs’ evolution. He was quoted in outlets such as Smithsonian Magazine and New Scientist.

Lawrence Witmer – OHIO Expert

4. Yuanjie Mao

Yuanjie Mao, assistant clinical professor in the Department of Specialty Medicine in the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, was mentioned 130 times in calendar year 2022. Although Mao has been named a newsmaker before, this is his first time being named a top newsmaker. As a member of the Diabetes Institute, Mao’s research focuses on diabetes where he was specifically mentioned in the media for his study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Oncology on the association between high insulin dosage and cancer. This study was published in multiple health-related media outlets such as Endocrinology Advisor and Science Times

Yuanjie Mao – OHIO Expert

5. Thomas Suddes

Thomas Suddes, assistant instructor in the Scripps College of Communication, was mentioned 73 times in calendar year 2022. Suddes has been named a newsmaker every year since its inception and a top newsmaker in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016. As a longtime journalist who has written for various outlets over the year, he decided to continue writing columns once he began his role at Ohio University, often writing weekly columns for The Columbus Dispatch and Dayton Daily News talking on politics in the state of Ohio. He also serves as coordinator for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Statehouse News Bureau fellowships.

Thomas Suddes – OHIO Expert

2022 Faculty NewsMakers

Faculty MembersCollegeMentions
Emilia Alonso-SamenoArts and Sciences2
Aaron ButlerFine Arts1
Adam HepworthBusiness7
Adam RappBusiness1
Alison HughesHeritage1
Allan ShoewalterArts and Sciences1
Alison SincoffFine Arts1
Allyson HughesHeritage2
Amy Taylor-BiancoBusiness2
Amy WhiteArts and Sciences1
Amy WolfeChillicothe1
Ana Rosado-FegerBusiness2
Andie WallaScripps11
Andrew AlexanderScripps2
Andrew HolbrookFine Arts1
Andrew PueschelBusiness1
Angela SprungerFine Arts1
Ani RuhilVoinovich1
Ben BatesScripps3
Berkeley FranzHeritage12
Bob LeithSouthern1
Bob WilliamsRuss6
Bradley NaylorFine Arts1
Brendan KendhammerArts and Sciences1
Brent FrederickFine Arts4
Brent LaneVoinovich1
Brian ClarkHeritage3
Brian SchoenArts and Sciences1
Caroline KingoriHealth Sciences and Professions3
Cassidy JarrahiFine Arts1
Charles LesterHonors Tutorial College1
Cheryl PrusinskiHealth Sciences and Professions1
Chester PachArts and Sciences3
Chris ThompsonArts and Sciences1
Christina Wright MehlonBusiness3
Corrine NielsenArts and Sciences1
Cort RodetArts and Sciences3
Cory CroninHealth Sciences and Professions2
Craig NunemakerHeritage7
Dami DaramolaRuss2
Dane SalabakHealth Sciences and Professions2
Daniel CheRuss1
Daniel KarneyArts and Sciences3
Dan SkinnerHeritage29
Daniel TorresArts and Sciences1
Darin RidgewayRuss2
Darlene BerrymanHeritage10
David BellArts and Sciences1
David CurpArts and Sciences1
David DraboldArts and Sciences28
David KoonceRuss1
David NguyenPatton1
David RidpathBusiness537
Deb HendersonArts and Sciences1
Donald MilesArts and Sciences7
Dustin GroomHealth Sciences and Professions1
Eddith DashiellScripps2
Edmond ChangArts and Sciences14
Edward ListHeritage7
Elizabeth BeverlyHeritage28
Ellison McNuttHeritage21
Emely PhelpsFine Arts1
Eric StinaffArts and Sciences1
Eric WilliamsScripps1
Erin SchlumpfFine Arts1
Eve NgScripps28
Frederick LewisScripps2
Garrett FieldFine Arts2
Geoff BuckleyArts and Sciences1
Geoff DabelkoVoinovich16
George EbertsArts and Sciences1
Gillian IceHeritage2
Guy RieflerRuss12
Haley DuschinskiArts and Sciences6
Hao LouBusiness1
Hayley HaugenSouthern1
Ian KleinArts and Sciences4
Ingo TrauschweizerArts and Sciences1
Jacqueline WolfHeritage11
James MosherArts and Sciences1
Janelle MitchellHealth Sciences and Professions1
Janet SimonHealth Sciences and Professions1
Jason JolleyVoinovich5
Jason TremblyRuss19
Jatin Srivastava Scripps1
Jay WilhelmRuss1
Jeesun JungPatton3
Jeff KuhnScripps1
Jeff RussellHealth Sciences and Professions10
Jen NewtonPatton37
Jennifer GwilymHeritage1
Jennifer StevensBusiness1
Jerry MillerScripps2
Jessica ArquetteHeritage1
Jim MahoneyVoinovich1
Jixin ChenArts and Sciences10
John BornVoinovich3
John BowditchScripps1
John KopchickHeritage16
John McCarthyHealth Sciences and Professions3
John SabrawFine Arts16
Joseph GingerichArts and Sciences1
Jose RochaFine Arts1
Josh AntonuccioScripps10
Julie Barnhart-FrancisPatton3
K. Jean ForneyArts and Sciences27
Katherine JellisonArts and Sciences291
Ken JohnsonHeritage14
Kerri ShawHealth Sciences and Professions1
Kevin LeeHeritage7
Kevin CordiPatton2
Kevin MattsonArts and Sciences1
Kevin SpikerEastern4
Kyle ButlerArts and Sciences1
Larry WitmerHeritage140
Leanne Chrisman-KhawamHeritage1
Lisa WallaceChillicothe1
Loren LybargerArts and Sciences1
Luke PittawayBusiness1
Marilyn AtlasArts and Sciences2
Mashawna HamiltonSouthern2
Matthew TalbertFine Arts1
Michele CourtneyHealth Sciences and Professions1
Mirna ZakicArts and Sciences1
Molly MorrisonArts and Sciences1
Mustafa ShraimRuss1
Natalie Kruse DanielsVoinovich1
Nate SzewczykHeritage6
Nukhet SandalArts and Sciences10
Pascha lYao YoungeFine Arts1
Patrick O'ConnorHeritage68
Perry LinHeritage5
Peter MatherPatton1
Randall LongeneckerHeritage1
Rebecca SnellArts and Sciences1
Rebecca VerNooyFine Arts1
Rick HodgesVoinovich2
Robert FoehlBusiness4
Robert McClureFine Arts1
Ryan FogtArts and Sciences24
Sabrina CurranArts and Sciences16
Sam GirtonScripps1
Sara HartmanPatton1
Sarah DavisVoinovich1
Sara HelfrichPatton5
Sarah WyattArts and Sciences3
Saw Wai HlaArts and Sciences22
Scott MillerRuss3
Shelley DelaneyFine Arts1
Shouan ZhuHeritage25
Stan AlostScripps3
Stephen ScanlanArts and Sciences4
Steven EvansArts and Sciences2
Steven MinerArts and Sciences3
Susan BurgessArts and Sciences11
Teresa FranklinPatton1
Theresa MoranArts and Sciences2
Thomas SuddesScripps73
Tim AndersonArts and Sciences2
Tim GoheenScripps4
Tingyue GuRuss1
Todd EisworthArts and Sciences2
Todd FredricksHeritage3
Victoria LeeArts and Sciences2
Victor JonesLancaster1
Vincent JungkunzArts and Sciences1
Wendy BlackwoodFine Arts1
William FrederikArts and Sciences1
William TalleyFine Arts1
Xiaozhuo ChenHeritage1
Yuanjie MaoHeritage131
Zakes MdaArts and Sciences1
Zelalem HaileHeritage1
Zelma Badu-YoungeFine Arts1

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