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Mechanical engineering students to demonstrate capstone projects designed to make a difference

Elisabeth Weems | Apr 16, 2018

Mechanical engineering students to demonstrate capstone projects designed to make a difference

Elisabeth Weems | Apr 16, 2018

Mechanical engineering students will present their senior capstone projects at Ohio University’s 18th annual Mechanical Engineering Demo Day on Sat., April 21, from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in the Academic & Research Center and Stocker Center. Teams, which partner with local businesses or community members for the projects, will give presentations in Stocker Center Room 103.

Students enrolled in the year-long “Designing to Make a Difference” course focus their senior projects on creating for good and using their skills to help others. Projects include a portable music therapy cart for patients at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a prototypical device for treating cervical cancer, and a motorized system to open garage doors. Teams often enter their projects into national competitions, and students have been awarded almost $150,000 from the contests in recent years.

16 teams will demonstrate on Saturday:

  • Rug Jig: Designed weaving jigs for use by disabled employees at SW Resources in Parkersburg
  • Wheelchair Golf Team: Portable golf training device for users age 6 to 18
  • Device for Dysplasia: Prototypical device for treating cervical cancer with a plasma.
  • The MTC 1000: First generation lightweight and adaptable music therapy cart for patients of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Team 3.3: Designing low-cost and portable tensile tester to measure force and displacement of various wire materials
  • Violin-Ablers: Enabled disabled violinist to play violin by 3D printing prosthetic arm part.
  • Algae Pelletizer Group: Dispensing mechanism to turn waste algae into fish food pellets
  • It’s Poppin’: Redesign of machine to pop amaranth, pseudocereal, for sale. 
  • Free Piston Linear Generator: Internal combustion generator that converts linear motion into electricity.
  • Accessible Oven Rack Team: Using linear motion to raise and lower oven racks for people with disabilities working in commercial kitchens
  • Team Litter Glitter: Redesign and repurposing of leaf sweeper for Rural Action Zero Waste Initiative
  • Jar Fillers: Food safe jarring station for Simple Cultures, startup fermented vegetable company
  • Bottles to Boardwalk: Using plastic waste to build boardwalks for parks in Africa
  • Shagbark: Designed automated PID-controlled system to increase efficiency and production for Shagbark Seed & Mill
  • Ohio University Golf and Tennis Center Garage Doors: Motorized system to open doors used for ventilation.
  • Team Wall Lift: Safety system to reduce potential failures of already installed wall lift system for the Southeast History Center.