Human Factors + Ergonomics Lab Publications

Journal Articles

Ardjmand, E., Weckman, G, Snow, A., and Schwerha, D. (2016) An Approach to Analyzing the Retirement Satisfaction among Men and Women Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Decision Trees. International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, v 9 n 3&4.

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Schwerha, D., Wiker, S., Jaraiedi, M. (2007). Effect of Distractors, Age, and Level of Education upon Psychomotor Task Learning. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics(37), 801-809.

Conference Proceedings

Schwerha, D. J., Boudinot, A., and Loree, N. (2017). Integrating Safety with Process Improvement for Sustainable Manufacturing. Paper accepted as presentation for the 2017 IISE Annual Conference, Pgh, PA, May 21-23.

Boudinot, A., Loree, N., and Schwerha, D. (2017). Integration of Safety and Process Improvement to Improve Perceived Incompatability. Paper accepted as presentation for the 2017 IISE Annual Conference, Pgh, PA, May 21-23.

Celibilek, Schwerha, D. (2013). Benchmarking Chronic Diseases and Prevention of U.S. States: DEA Approach. Proceedings of the 2013 Industrial Engineering Research Conference.

Schwerha, D., Jones, A., Liu, S., Ozercan, S., Zhou, J. (2011). Development of a Computer Skills Class for Older Adults Using a Service Learning Model. Philadelphia, PA: ASEE Mid Atlantic Conference 2010.

Ritter, C., Robinson, S., Schwerha, D., Fried, D. (2011). An Empirical Evaluation of Ergonomics as a Distal Determinant in the Retirement Decision Process. 2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Fried, D., Ritter, C., Milakovic, A., Tenbrink, A., Griffeth, R., Schwerha, D. (2011). Work-Role Attachment and Preferences to Extend Career Employment through Phased Retirement. 2011 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Slover, S., Schwerha, D. (2011). Improving Website Heuristics through Participatory Design. 2011 Industrial Engineering Research Conference.

Ritter, C., Schwerha, D., Gerasymchuk, D., Robinson, S., Griffeth, R. (2010). Sustaining Aging Workers: Development of a Model with Ergonomic Factors in the Decision to Retire. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Morse, B., Griffeth, R., Hom, P., Schwerha, D., Allen, D. (2009). The Cross-cultural Generalizability of the Turnover Events and Shocks Scale: An Assessment with Mexican Nurses (June 21-24 ed.). Proceedings of the 10th International Human Resource Management Conference.

Schwerha, D., Bruce, C., Sanford, J., Gibson, S., Spokus, D., Whiting, H. (2009). The Role of Human Factors in Older Worker Retention: What do we know and what will we need to know? (vol. 53rd Proceedings). CA: Human Factors and Ergonomic Society.

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Wiker, S. F., Schwerha, D., Jaraiedi, M. (2006). Impact of Auditory and Visual Distractors Upon Manual Assembly Task Learning Among Older Workers with Different Levels of Spatial Reasoning and Field Dependence. San Francisco, CA: 50th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Schwerha, D., Wiker, S., Jaraiedi, M. (2006). Impact of Age and Distractors upon Learning a Manual Assembly Task. Maastricht: 16th World Congress of the IEA.

Thesis Advised

Boudinot, A. (2017). Qualitative Study on Barriers/Successes in Integrating Safety and Process Improvement using the Modular Value Stream Safety Map (MOD VSSM).

Hayden, M. (2016). Engaging Users through the Application of Value Stream Mapping to Streamline the Procurement Process for Office Equipment. 

Crall, B. (2016). Usability of Just-in-Time Training for Treestand Safety Among Age Diverse Populations. 

Westmoreland, K. (2015). Improving Team Performance in Age-Diverse Teams Using Lean Simulations. 

Barina, P. (2015). Engineering Communication: Understanding The Young Engineer's Ability to Interact with Various Employee Levels in Different Industries. 

Van Bibber, A. (2015). Monitoring Safety Process Performance with Leading Indicator Safety Audits. 

Reynolds, T. (2014). Analysis of Occupational Safety Practices across Regional Campuses at Ohio University.

Adkins, E. (2014). An Investigation into Type, Severity, and Cost of Injuries in the Automotive Repair Sector: Overall and by Age. 

Gunawardena, W. (2013). Relationship of Hand Size and Keyboard Size to Typing Performance Metrics. 

Jones, A. (2012). The Impact of Website Navigational Usability Characteristics On User Frustration and Performance Metrics. 

Liu, S. (2012). Technology Acceptance Model for Determining the Effects of Age, Usability, and Content on Mobile Application Usage. 

Lynch, K. (2011). Weighted Heuristic Evaluation and Usability Testing of Ohio Area Agency on Aging Websites for Older Adults. 

Vadlamani, T. (2010). Development of a Multidimensional Scale of Ergonomic Factors Related to Employee Retention.

Other Intellectual Contributions

Porter, W. L., Mallett, L. G., Schwerha, D., Gallagher, S., Torma-Krajewski, J., Steiner, L. J. (2008). Age Awareness Training for Miners (2008-133 ed., vol. June, pp. 1-125). Pittsburgh, PA: US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

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Mallett, L., Schwerha, D., Peters, R. (2006). What Difference Does Age Make? Part 3: Metal or Mine Injuries (vol. March/April, pp. 8-15). Holmes Safety Bulletin.


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