Program Improvement

B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

The skills are measured through yearly assessments, discussed and approved in faculty meetings. The yearly assessments are Faculty Course Assessment Reports (FCARS). They contain information on course grading, recommendations from the time the course was previously taught, assessment of performance on skills, and recommendations for improvement. The process enables us to “closes the loop” on recommendations for improvement by consistently linking previous recommendations, current improvements, and future recommendations. 

M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • The department graduate committee oversees graduate learning. The number of graduate courses offered are identified based on the internal workload policy and selection of courses is done by the faculty members themselves.
  • Graduate learning takes place through 1-on-1 mentoring by research advisors and committee members, coursework, self-learning as guided by advisors, and the execution, and analysis of the research plan.
  • Students must successfully complete the college technical writing course ET 6020.
  • Students must enroll in ISE 6300 – Graduate Seminar preferably in their first semester. Seminar includes ISE faculty presentations, guest speakers from the library, faculty members from other departments, and industry people. Students are also required to make presentations in this class about contemporary issues and their interests. The course content can be adjusted to address areas of concern.
  • The department/advisor provides partial funding annually for each student to present work at a professional meeting.
  • The advisor encourages his/her students to submit their work to relevant professional journals.