B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

The ISE Department has 47 skills that have been mapped onto the ABET 1-7 student outcomes. The skills have been developed through discussions by the faculty and the departmental advisory board. The skills are measured in the required ISE undergraduate courses that are taken by the students during their undergraduate studies.

M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Instructors for courses in graduate-level assess the proficiency of each student in these areas. Students must maintain a B or better average. Only courses with grades of C or above count towards graduation.
  • Each student’s advisor reviews the student’s selection of coursework and a plan of study is prepared. The program’s graduate chair reviews the plan of study to make sure that degree requirements are met. The program’s graduate chair also goes through a graduation checklist before the degree is awarded.
  • Each student following the thesis option will have a graduate committee. The student’s graduate committee assesses the quality and completeness of the student’s proposal for his/her thesis work, evaluating both the written proposal and oral defense. The proposal must contain a problem statement and a literature review that demonstrates a technical expertise in the area of research. The proposal must describe a strategy to test a scientific hypothesis or engineering solution using prior published knowledge as a foundation. The proposal must demonstrate initiative and ethical conduct in the citation of prior work and the proposed analysis of intended work.
  • Each student’s graduate committee assesses the student’s execution of his/her novel research work as presented in a written thesis document that the student must defend orally.
  • Students pursuing the project option will work with their faculty advisor on an appropriate topic that includes solving an applied problem using information available either through the literature or experimentally. The project will be determined during the semester prior to graduation. Students working on a project will not be required to have a committee. These students will be required to complete a written report and make a presentation to the advisor and other members of the faculty/staff who may have been instrumental in the selection of the project.
  • Theses and reports must demonstrate ethical conduct in research/application and must be a professional communication.
  • The department maintains records of student-authored and co-authored publications and presentations in professional venues.