Research Labs

The Bioinformatics Lab

Bioinformatics at Ohio University offers both coursework and research opportunities to combine biological and computational research to enhance the scientific understanding of life.

The Medical Image Analysis Lab

The OU Medical Image Analysis (MedIA) Lab focuses on biomedical imaging and computer vision research including patient classification through neuroimages (MRI, fMRI, CT, and PET), anatomical segmentation and registration, motion analysis and tracking, 3D reconstruction and shape modeling. We have a particularly strong interest in developing novel feature extraction, machine learning and deep learning solutions to improve the understanding and diagnosis of various neurological diseases, including dementia, autism, stroke and Parkinson's Disease.

The SmartHealth Lab

The SmartHealth Lab focuses on interdisciplinary work at the intersection of artificial intelligence and medicine. With funding from NSF and NIH, its researchers have been developing deep learning solutions for characterizing blood glucose behavior in patients with diabetes, with the aim of improving their quality of life through better blood glucose control.

The Software Verification & Security Lab

Researchers in the Software Verification & Security Lab apply mathematically rigorous methods and tools, such as interactive theorem proving in Coq, to facilitate the construction, maintenance, and proof of high-assurance software systems.

The Virtual Immersive Technologies and Arts for Learning Lab

The VITAL Lab specializes in creating immersive three-dimensional virtual environments and synthetic worlds for teaching, learning, and training purposes.

The Wireless Systems Research Group

The Wireless Systems Research Group at Ohio University performs research in wireless networking, distributed systems, and mobile computing.