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Spring 2021 Outstanding Student Awards


These awards recognize a student in each program who has contributed holistically to not just their academic program, but also to the Eastern campus and surrounding community. These students maintain a high GPA, participate in various on-campus activities, and serve as role models for their fellow students.

This year’s awards went to: 


Kirt Lyon

Outstanding Student Kirt Lyon

Bachelor of Science in Applied Management

Nominator: Associate Professor of Instruction, Michael Schor

“Kirt Lyon’s resilience, sincerity, and strong work ethic have impressed me favorably.He started at Ohio University in Spring Semester of the 2016-2017 academic year, choosing the BSAM Major which was well suited to his degree completion aspirations.

Achieving a GPA in excess of 3.9/4.0; finding the right setting to create the improved work-life balance that he had been seeking; and completion of internship requirements last spring, despite pandemic conditions; are among the reasons that I applaud him.

I anticipate that his employer, Annin Flagmakers, of whom he speaks very favorably, will be proud of Mr. Lyon in conjunction with his next anticipated academic achievement, earning an MBA from Youngstown State University.  I am pleased that he is continuing his studies. He is now finishing the first semester of his graduate program and expects degree completion next summer.”



Samantha Seevers

Outstanding Student Samantha Seevers

Bachelor of Specialized Studies

Nominator: Manager of Advising and Retention, Jennifer Kellner-Muscar

“Samantha is an incredibly talented and driven student. She is an enthusiastic learner who exhibits strong self-motivation. During her time at Ohio University Samantha has consistently sought out new challenges and met each with intelligence and an incredibly strong work ethic. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes as an OHIO alum.”




Sidney Wolgemuth

Outstanding Student Sidney Wolgemuth

Early Childhood Education

Nominators: Dr. Paula McMuray-Schwarz and Associate Professor of Instruction, Early Childhood Education Kim Ciroli

“Sidney Wolgemuth is a highly self-motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic student.  She is always fully prepared to engage with her instructors, colleagues, and peers.  She is organized and focused, demonstrating a sound commitment to the teaching profession.  Demonstrating superior competence in early childhood education throughout her academic program, Sidney earned the highest GPA in her graduating class.  She continually strives to improve using feedback to reflect and make effective changes, which is a sign of true educator.  Sidney is a kind, caring, and compassionate.  During her clinical placements, Sidney worked closely with her mentor teachers and developed strategies that enabled her to build relationships with students and school staff.  In addition, Sidney demonstrates a professional attitude and a keen interest in the well being of young children.” 



Hunter Miller

Outstanding Student Hunter Miller

Social Work

Nominators: Dr. Warren Galbreath

"Hunter Miller has a passion for working with individuals inflicted with substance abuse disorders.  While taking classes Hunter has been working at Crossroads Awakening, a women's recover shelter.  Hunter started her educational journey here on the Eastern campus as a high school student.  She has embraced the opportunities offered on campus, including undertaking a leadership role in the development of the student social work club and has been trained in Mental Health First Aid for Adults. Hunter's hard work and dedication will culminate this Spring 2021, as she graduates in three years with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and a Minor in Psychology. Upon graduation Hunter will be working with the Crossroads Jail Services Program, where she will be conducting mental health and substance abuse assessments for individuals in the Belmont County Jail. Hunter's OHIO educational journey will continue this fall as she begins classes in the Masters of Social Work program offered through Ohio University. "



Chance Goolie

Outstanding Student Chance Goolie

Middle Childhood Education

Nominators: Dr. Jacqueline Yahn

"Chance embodies the teacher we all wish for our own children to encounter and learn from. Chance has a superb grasp of her content areas and instructional practices, while also recognizing the importance of relationships amongst families, schools, and communities. What excites me most is to picture the hundreds of students who will soon benefit from Miss Goolie’s classroom community."