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Nomination Process

According to the terms of the endowment, those elected to membership in the company of Distinguished Professors “will be chosen on the basis of outstanding artistic, literary, historical, or scientific achievements, or other worthy accomplishments attaining wide recognition.” To be considered for election, a faculty member must have tenure and a minimum of five years of service at Ohio University. While a positive assessment of effectiveness as a teacher is an essential requirement, the prime consideration is scholarly or creative contributions that have received substantial recognition beyond the Ohio University community.

The President announces the call for nominations in the fall, with a February 15 deadline. Nominations may be made by any current Ohio University faculty member and are welcomed from all departments, schools, and academic disciplines at Ohio University. A letter of nomination outlining the case for the candidate should be submitted, accompanied by up to 10 supporting letters primarily from leading external experts in the candidate’s field. Additional relevant supporting material also may be included. Candidates are encouraged to be selective in the inclusion of their supporting materials.

Nominations are submitted directly to the chair of the screening committee. Nominations for the 2021 Distinguished Professor Award should be submitted directly to Dr. Alexander Govorov, chair of the nominations committee, at distinguishedprofessors@ohio.edu. The other members of the nominating committee are Distinguished Professors Susan Burgess, Judith Yaross Lee, Steven Evans and Nancy Stevens. All supporting materials can be delivered to Cutler Business Services (Cutler Hall 008), accompanied by a list of items submitted. Materials suitable for review in electronic form should be provided on a jump drive in PDF or (for multimedia) other universal format; physical materials (e.g., books) requiring offline review should be clearly identified on the list.

The Distinguished Professors elect faculty as members who are deserving of this high recognition. The screening committee reviews all the nominations and recommends a number of finalists (typically three) for additional consideration.

A meeting open to all active and retired Distinguished Professors is convened for the purpose of considering these finalists, as well as other nominees brought forward for discussion during the meeting. Both current and retired Distinguished Professors who have inspected the dossiers may participate fully in the evaluation process. A recommendation is forwarded to the President by April 1.

The President appoints and privately informs the new Distinguished Professor of his/her selection in writing, with the public announcement made at the Spring Graduate Commencement Ceremony.