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Lonsbury golf outing

Jim Gay from Nationwide Insurance (left) and Garon Gentzel, Chair of the golf tournament (right), are happy to support to McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems.

Photo courtesy of: McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems

Lonsbury golf outing

Participants of the 2016 Lonsbury Golf Tournament enjoy a nice afternoon on the green.

Photo courtesy of: McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems

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Lonsbury golf outing connects students, alumni, and Athens community

The annual Lonsbury Memorial Scholarship Golf Classic celebrates 16 years of combining sport and scholarship to support the OHIO J. Warren McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems (ITS).

The Lonsbury Memorial Scholarship Golf Classic begins with lunch at 11:30 a.m., followed by a shotgun start at 1:15 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 21 at the Athens Country Club. Registration starts at 11 a.m. Following the golf tournament will be a reception held at the Ohio University Inn patio from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The event is open to anyone who would like to purchase a ticket.

Garon Gentzel, member of the Information and Telecommunication Systems Advisory Board, has taken leadership as the chair of the successful event.

“We are in our 16th year of this event that unites alumni, faculty, industry professionals, and school administrators to further the student’s opportunities in the ITS school,” Gentzel said. “This event not only raises money for the scholarship down in Athens, but is an outlet for students to make networking connections with the large corporate sponsors.”

More than half a million dollars have been raised by the golf classic. In addition, a $250,000 endowed scholarship fund has been initiated to support the efforts of outstanding students in the J. Warren McClure School of Information & Telecommunication Systems. To date, 18 scholarships have been issued, which allows students to pay for expenses related to their academic pursuits.

The recipients of the 2017 scholarship were awarded to AJ Hudak and Ryan Kemper.

These sponsors that include Nationwide Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Cisco, Spectrum Enterprise, AT&T, Verizon, The E.W. Scripps Company, Accenture and Frontier, contribute to making the event and scholarship possible.

“Our event allows these companies to provide feedback with what is happening in the industry and to better the students’ experience before entering the workforce,” Gentzel said. “We are very proud of our students.”

While it provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and finding a job, it shines a light on the invaluable opportunities the McClure school has given its students.

“Our school is a center of excellence for ITS in the state of Ohio,” Gentzel said. “Once the students are in the program they are apart of an initiative to improve their overall experience down the road.”

In fact, two of the largest sponsors, Nationwide and Progressive, can be attributed to making this happen. In addition to their generous donations, they value creating a connection with the students.

“Both Nationwide Insurance and Progressive have hired a tremendous amount from the school,” Gentzel said. “It is beneficial for both employers and students and enhances the relationship between the company and the school as well.”

Local sponsors including Southeast Beverage Company, the Ohio University Inn, and the Athens Country Club represent the strong community that the people of Athens pride themselves on.  

“Our event is a great way to experience Athens and connect the community that goes beyond the campus. What we do is unique,” Gentzel said. “We are extremely grateful for the Athens Country Club and their support since the beginning.”

The golf classic emphasizes building invaluable connections and relationships and commemorates the legacy of Tom Lonsbury, the founder of the event.

“I had the fortune to work with Tom Lonsbury. Tom created the event and I always served as the second lieutenant to all of his wonderful efforts to help,” Gentzel said. “It was unfortunate to lose Tom, as he was the spirit and the energy behind the event. But we have been able to grow and expand and he would be very pleased of the legacy he left behind.”

Gentzel encourages students, faculty, and alumni to join and support the McClure School. To read more about the golf classic and scholarship fund, visit http://itsohio.net/support/golf-classic/.