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OHIO Hockey names captains for 2018-19 season

OHIO Hockey named its captain and assistant captains for the 2018-19 season during the annual senior luncheon and award ceremony last week.

Senior forward Bryan Lubin and senior defenseman Grant Hazel were named assistant captains for next season while senior forward Cody Black was selected captain. 

"Our athletes do an excellent job here electing our leaders. Cody is a player that holds a lot of pride for OHIO Hockey and everyone knows of the effort he gives night in and night out," stated Head Coach Sean Hogan. “Grant is a hard-nosed player that takes pride in holding our team to a high standard, and Bryan has consistently demonstrated an ability to overcome adversity, becoming better each season. We will have a strong leadership core next year.”

Newly elected team captain Cody Black commented, “It’s an honor to be selected as captain of the prestigious OHIO Hockey program. I am excited to get back on the ice with my teammates and battle for the national championship trophy to create a memorable season that will last a lifetime.”

OHIO Hockey was established in 1958, and next season will mark the 61st year of Bobcat Hockey. Cody Black is the 76th player to wear the “C” for the Bobcats.

Below is a complete list of all OHIO Hockey players that have worn the captain’s “C.”

2018-2019 Cody Black
2017-2018 Jake Faiella
2016-2017 Matthew Hartman
2015-2016 Michael Harris
2014-2015 Mike Kretz
2013-2014 JC Gulch
2012-2013 Tyler Pilmore
2011-2012 Mike Schultz
2010-2011 Mark Tracy
2009-2010 Phil Oberlin
2008-2009 Corey Bise
2007-2008 Jim Roach
2006-2007 Paul Warriner
2005-2006 Jordan Levy
2004-2005 Nick Bassarab
2003-2004 Nick Bilanow
2002-2003 Ryan Walicki
2001-2002 Steve Manning
2000-2001 Jack Pepper
1999-2000 Marcus Marazon
1998-1999 Chad Fournier, Brandon Alviano
1997-1998 Bill Roen
1996-1997 Dan Morris
1995-1996 John Grasso
1994-1995 John Grasso
1993-1994 Tony Fiscelli
1992-1993 Bob Spence
1991-1992 Chris Tarsha
1990-1991 Bill Loshaw, Greg Pulhalski, Tom Bartz
1989-1990 Robb Wade, Bill Maguire
1988-1989 Todd "Bubba" Smith
1987-1988 Mike Collins
1986-1987 Todd "Bubba" Smith
1985-1986 Kurt Richard
1984-1985 Jay Burzynski
1983-1984 Jay Burzynski
1982-1983 Eric Tisdale
1981-1982 Eric Tisdale
1980-1981 Craig McAlister
1979-1980 Craig McAlister
1978-1979 Craig McAlister, Greg Griffin, Jim Lavery
1977-1978 Greg Griffin, Jim Lavery
1976-1977 Greg Wright
1975-1976 Bob Bray
1974-1975 Jerry McTernan
1973-1974 Rusty Moser
1972-1973 John Jacob, Ed Mundy, Gerry McTernan
1971-1972 Ron Ivany
1970-1971 Alex MacNicol
1969-1970 Alex MacNicol, Jeph Martin
1968-1969 Mike Grocki, Paul Martell
1967-1968 Jim Gore, Terry Gray
1966-1967 Jerry Nuerge
1965-1966 Ted Martin
1964-1965 Mike L'Heureux
1963-1964 Jim Peterson
1962-1963 Tom Caldwell, Bing Carlson
1961-1962 Bing Carlson, Tom Caldwell
1960-1961 Dick Hendrie, Bob Simond
1959-1960 Rick Jantz
1958-1959 Pete Worden

OHIO Hockey will begin the 2018-19 campaign at the end of September. The season schedule will be released at a later date.

This article was provided by OHIO Hockey.