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Homecoming 2017 Logo

The winning design of the Homecoming 2017 logo competition was a joint effort by 2010 alumnus Tim Martin and sophomore Nik Williams.

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Collaborative alumnus-student design selected Homecoming 2017 logo

The opening pages of the 1968 Athena yearbook include the reflection that the songs that accompany an individual’s days at Ohio University are central to the shared college experience.

“Some feel all must exist in a microcosm of notes and rhythm,” muses the writer. “Man and his music, expression… often misunderstood—even by those who make it… yet with them, the feeling persists that within the cacophony exists harmony.”

The theme for Homecoming 2017, scheduled for Oct. 6-8, is “Back in the Mix, Back on the Bricks.” It honors the School of Music’s 100th anniversary and the Marching 110’s 50th and evokes memories of DJs and musicians mixing it up on the radio and on OHIO’s bricks.

Alumnus Tim Martin and OHIO student Nik Williams submitted the logo selected by the Homecoming Committee to illustrate the harmonious theme. Martin earned his bachelor’s from the College of Fine Arts in 2010 and is the owner of design and apparel firms Red Tail Design Co. and Ohio is Home. Williams, who said he’s “honored to take part in the tradition,” is a sophomore studying marketing and is a designer at Red Tail Design Co.

The pair’s design pays homage to “mix tapes” (or MP3 collections for the Millennial and Gen Z crowds). The committee imagines those mixes could include Billboard’s No. 1 songs from across the decades, like: 1957, Elvis Presley’s “All Shook Up”; 1967, “To Sir With Love” by Lulu; 1977, Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright)”; 1987, The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian”; 1997, “Something About the Way You Look Tonight”/ “Candle in the Wind 1997” by Elton John; and 2007, “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé. Not to mention Marching 110 standard and Doobie Brothers classic “Long Train Running,” which peaked at No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1973.

“We felt that this logo best represented the theme ‘Back in the Mix, Back on the Bricks,’” said Brian Heilmeier, assistant director of student activities in the Campus Involvement Center. “Many individuals commented on how it reminded them of having to use a pencil to rewind the tape back into the cassette.”

The OHIO Alumni Association and Division of Student Affairs invited students and alumni to submit original designs for the fourth annual logo competition in early March. The committee selected Martin’s and Williams’ design from among 18 submitted concepts, earning them a prize valued at $100.

“We know that music is important to the OHIO family and the Bobcat experience. We’re celebrating that at Homecoming this year,” said Dawn Werry, director of external relations at the OHIO Alumni Association. “We hope you’ll dust off an old, or create a new, ‘college songs’ mix and join the 2017 Homecoming celebration — no matter where you are across Ohio, the nation, or the world!”

That 1968 Athena writer observed that during Homecoming “each year many return to reassure themselves that they are not yet subservient to time.”

Be in the mix on the bricks for the annual Homecoming Parade, Bobcat Bash in Pepsi Tailgreat Park, OHIO Football and more with fellow alumni, OHIO faculty, staff and current students.

For Homecoming 2017 details as they become available, visit ohio.edu/homecoming.