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Kids on Campus starts June 23

The 19th annual Kids on Campus starts Monday, June 23 and school-age children will crisscross campus for six weeks participating in fun learning activities with experienced instructors.

Two hundred fifty students will attend this year’s festivities, which include activities designed to help local students learn and experience something outside their normal summer routine at home. Activities include reading instruction, swimming, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) instruction, arts and crafts, sports and games, cooking, team activities and nature events.

“The camp will have two trips to the movies, as well as a trip to the Hocking Hills, COSI on Wheels, and a family event at the end of six weeks,” said Kids on Campus Program Manager Timarie Francis. “Each day we hope they go home tired because they have learned so much and have had so much fun. We hope the healthy choices they are learning about, as well as the passion for learning, travels from camp to home.”

Kids on Campus is a rural community-university partnership that empowers underserved, at-risk children and their families in the realization of their full potential through educational, nutritional and recreational opportunities. In 2013, 74 percent of 225 participants were classified as economically at-risk, 38 percent had a documented academic need, and 29 percent were both academically and economically disadvantaged.

Students from every school in Athens County, as well as Millcreek Elementary and Miller High School in Perry County, are eligible to attend.

Francis, who has been part of Kids on Campus for three years, said her favorite part during the six weeks is the kids themselves. “They are just so full of energy and always smiling,” she said. “The end of camp family event is the best. The parents, guardians, siblings, grandparents and everyone comes out to the event and tell us what the kids have told them throughout camp. There are lots of smiles and hugs and it really brings home how impactful we are in this area.”