Megan Vogel

Megan Vogel

Photo courtesy of: University Advancement

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Giving back to OHIO: Vogel pays her experiences forward

As a fourth generation alumnae, Megan Vogel holds a special place in her heart for OHIO. Vogel said the positive experiences she enjoyed as a student is the reason she chooses to “pay it forward” by giving to the Campus Life Fund.

“Sometimes money is restricted and the needs of students and staffs fall outside of standard University practice,” said Vogel, assistant to Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Ryan Lombardi. “That is what the Campus Life fund is for.”

The Campus Life fund helps students enjoy enriching experiences—like attending a conference—yet also helps students through challenging situations. For example, when students want to attend the funeral of a fellow student, The Campus Life fund is there to bus the students to honor their friend.

Vogel said she sees these kinds of situations come through the door on a firsthand basis.

“My position is unique in the sense that I get to see how the funds are used, and I see how it directly makes positive impacts on students,” Vogel said.

Vogel believes that by making a gift to The Campus Life Fund, she is honoring her time as a student at Ohio University.

“The life lessons and the people that helped me is what I remember the most about my time as an Ohio University student,” Vogel said. “It is important for future generations to still have the experiences that I had. Ohio University is unique in that students always come first to administration. It is nice to know we have a foundation account to help support students and staff.”

Vogel credits Ohio University as the place where she learned professional skills and where she grew as a person.

“I am very fortunate and very successful,” she said. “I feel like a lot of that success is because of my experiences here at Ohio University. It is special place and that is why I give.”