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George Weckman, president of the Emeriti Association, welcomes President Roderick J. McDavis to the podium to speak at the May 16 Induction Ceremony Luncheon.

George Weckman, president of the Emeriti Association, welcomes President Roderick J. McDavis to the podium to speak at the May 16 Induction Ceremony Luncheon.

Photographer: Kayla Hoffman

A packed room of current Emeriti watch as a new class of inductees are recognized.

A packed room of current Emeriti watch as a new class of inductees are recognized.

Photographer: Kayla Hoffman

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Annual Faculty Emeriti Induction luncheon recognizes 35 new members

The annual Faculty Emeriti Induction luncheon on Thursday, May 16 ushered in a new class of Emeriti Association faculty and administrators who have distinguished themselves as outstanding members of Ohio University’s teaching community.

George Weckman, president of The Ohio University Emeriti Association, welcomed a room full of current Emeriti, and after his remarks inducted into the Association 15 faculty members who attended the ceremony. A total of 35 faculty members were inducted for the academic year.  

“This is a great organization,” Weckman said. “I hope you all, new and old, will be much associated with it.”

President Roderick J. McDavis was the keynote speaker and his remarks included heart-felt congratulations to all of the new members and the Association as a whole.

“There are many great things about Ohio University, but the best is its people,” McDavis said.

McDavis recognized the association for the impact they have on OHIO’s campuses and how they shape the minds of students.

“I want to say thank you for all of those hundreds of thousands of students you have touched,” President McDavis said.

Emeriti status is awarded to those who are retired from the University but maintain an honorary title corresponding to that held immediately before retirement. Those who earn this award are able to become a dues-paying member of The Ohio University Emeriti Association.

The Ohio University Emeriti Association is a non-profit association consisting of those faculty and administrative presidential appointees who have completed a period of meritorious service to Ohio University and have been awarded Emeritus or Emerita status, according to the Association’s website.

2013 Inductees:
College of Arts & Sciences

Bald, Waltraud - Modern Languages
Isaac, Ronald H. - Geography
Jordan, Mary K. - Linguistics/OPIE
Peterson, Ellengene H. - Biological Sciences
Porter, Patricia Anne - Modern Languages
Rowe, Michael H. - Biological Sciences
Wright, Karin - Modern Languages

College of Business

Boger, Pam. A. - Management
Cutwright, Kenneth Wayne - Management
Martin, Charles H. - Management

College of Fine Arts

Butler, Milton - Music
Geller, Michele - Dance
Wilson, Dora J. - Interdisciplinary Arts

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Goodrum, Kenneth J. - Biomedical Sciences
Klabunde, Richard Edwin - Biomedical Sciences

Patton College of Education

Cone, Schuyler Eaton - Human & Consumer Sciences

Russ College of Engineering & Technology

Prudich, Michael E. - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Sampson, Kendree James - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Scripps College of Communication

Eiler, Terrill Earnest - Visual Communication
James, Anita C. - Communication Studies
Lewis, Carolyn B. - Director, WOUB Public Media

Regional Higher Education

Durst, John C. - Sociology, Zanesville
Evans, Dan L. - Executive VP & Provost, Southern
Flaherty, Stephen M. - Regional Higher Education, Athens
Flynn, Thomas P. - English, Eastern
Fonseca, James W. - Dean, Zanesville
Greenlee, Richard W. - Dean, Eastern
Griffith, Patricia - Information Technology, Chillicothe
Hamid, Shahrestani - Economics, Chillicothe
Harris, Nancy - Information Technology, Chillicothe
Heine, Gloria R. - Computer Science, Zanesville
Johnsen, Jane - Education, Lancaster (posthumous)

Vice President for Research

Lozykowski, Maria G. - Edison Biotechnology Institute
Wight, David C. - Edison Biotechnology Institute

Enrollment Management

Williams, Sondra - Office of Student Fin Aid & Scholarships

Terry Eiler

Terry Eiler was one of the 35 new Emeriti inducted for his work in the School of Visual Communication.

“It’s an honor,” Eiler said. “It supports the idea that faculty who nominated you appreciate something you’ve done. It’s a thrill to be a part of this university.”

Eiler plans to return to the classroom this fall and continue teaching.  He also intends to pursue fly fishing for trout, something he’s passionate about.

He and his wife, Lyntha, will remain in Athens to stay involved in the community, Eiler said.

“Athens is a great place to be from,” Eiler said. “It’s the most fun place to be.”