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Visitors from Iwate Prefectural University in Japan will discuss tsunami volunteer project

Keiko Chiba and Harumi Ogawa from Iwate Prefectural University (IPU) in northeast Japan is visiting Ohio University this week to discuss tsunami volunteerism and to deepen the relationship between the two universities.

Chiba is associate vice president of Iwate Prefectural University and a professor in the Life Sciences Department while Ogawa is a professor in the International Cultural Studies Department of IPU.

For the last two years, Christopher Thompson, chair of Ohio University Linguistics Department, and Tom Scanlan, associate dean of Ohio University's College of Arts and Sciences, worked with Ogawa and colleague Sanae Kumamoto to develop a joint project that sends students and faculty of OHIO and IPU to Iwate Prefecture – one of 47 subnational jurisdictions in Japan – to help recover from the devastating tsunami of March 11, 2011.

So far, OHIO has sent two groups to participate in the OHIO-IPU Tsunami Relief Volunteer Project.

The partnership project developed as a result of the speech President Roderick J. McDavis presented at a commemorative ceremony following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Thompson and Scanlan said they hope OHIO's 2013 Tsunami Relief Volunteer Project participants will have an opportunity to aid Chiba's unique tsunami recovery support team that develops lasting connections with residents of recovering communities through the distribution of bottled water.

While on the bricks, Chiba and Ogawa will meet various groups of OHIO students, professors and administrators. They also are hosting multiple presentations about ongoing tsunami volunteerism projects. The schedule is located in the sidebar.

Chiba and Ogawa will also investigate the possibility of sending IPU students to OHIO on a special short term English Language Program in the Department of Linguistics.

For more information about the visitor's schedule, click here.

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