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Army ROTC cadets visit Gettysburg for Veterans Day [PHOTOS]

During Veterans Day weekend, about 20 Army ROTC senior cadets traveled to Gettysburg, Pa., area to gain an appreciation for the site of the famous Battle of Gettysburg.

During the trip, the cadets were able to tour the Gettysburg Battlefield and downtown Gettysburg and eat dinner at the historic Farnsworth House. The activities were designed to provide the cadets with a better understanding of the famous military battle and build camaraderie and leadership skills through a participatory experience.

Wayne E. Motts, an internationally renowned battlefield tour guide, provided in-depth information to the cadets about the historic site. A native of Groveport, Ohio, he is the chief executive officer of the National Civil War Museum located in Harrisburg, Pa.

Donations collected during the Army ROTC's annual Military Ball helped pay for the historic trip.

ROTC cannon

The senior class poses by one of the cannons used by Union forces overlooking Gettysburg.

ROTC reenactor

Senior cadet Katrina Farfsing stands behind a Union re-enactor.

ROTC statue

The senior class crowds around a statue of Union General John Buford.

ROTC GWilliams

ROTC cadet Kourtney Gwilliams concentrates during the Gettysburg visit.

ROTC sundown

Cadet Jess Growney (center with arm raised) gives a briefing while her fellow cadets and internationally recognized tour guide Wayne E. Motts (left) look on.