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Call for papers for Convocation on Gender, Media, and Body Image

Ohio University Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit will be among the featured speakers for a conference on the Chillicothe Campus this spring that captures the spirit of the OHIO learning experience by exploring a salient topic from multiple perspectives and with the depth of academic insights.

The Convocation on Gender, Media, and Body Image, which will be held April 5 at Ohio University-Chillicothe, offers an opportunity for an informed conversation about topics that impact college students and college communities. Scholars, including faculty members and students, from across the university and beyond are encouraged to submit proposals for presentations. The deadline for submission of proposals has been extended to Feb. 22.

"One of the important characteristics of a transformative learning community is the provision of opportunities to subject important social issues to rigorous analysis and informed discussion. The Convocation on Gender, Media, and Body Image aims to do just that," said Benoit.

This convocation carries forth the provost's vision and builds on previous events hosted by OU-C's Quinn Library such as its Salon Discussion Series, an international conference on global citizenship and tolerance, and a "human library." While diverse in regards to topics, the events support the common theme of fostering a sense of a learning community on campus and in the local community.

Below is the Call for Papers:

Because issues of race, class, and sexual identity are feminist issues, Third Wave Feminists sometimes face a crisis of focus. Voting rights and equal opportunity were clear rallying cries for earlier feminists, but how does one rally the increasingly diverse group within the feminist camp?

Amy Richards, a nationally known feminist activist and writer, suggests rallying around the issue of body image. Body image cuts across categories of race, class, sexual identity and age; the resulting emotional and physical disorders are very much a product of the ubiquitous images of young, thin, able-bodied people presented by the media.

As a place to rally our resources, on April 5, the Salon@Quinn Library is hosting a Convocation on Gender, Media and Body Image. Part of Quinn Library's mission is to create opportunities for transformative intellectual and cultural exchange, so the Chillicothe Campus of Ohio University is pleased to invite scholars, both faculty and undergraduates, to gather and examine Gender, Media, and Body

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