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Inside Higher Ed article on presentation by OU-C faculty member

A session that Ohio University-Chillicothe faculty member Lisa Wallace and a colleague led at the recent annual conference of the American Association of University Professors is featured in a recent edition of Inside Higher Ed.

The session, which was led by Wallace and Amy Thieme, focused on incivility and bullying in the academic workplace.

Wallace is associate professor of communication studies at Ohio University-Chillicothe, and Thieme is associate professor of communication at Eastern Kentucky University. They first met while attending graduate school together.

The article, "Bad Professor" by Kaustuv Basu, notes that the solution is a clear policy that spells out expectations for faculty behavior.

As the article states, "Student handbooks have civility policies, but faculty handbooks usually don't," Wallace said at the session.

According to the article, the authors are hopeful that their research will focus more attention on the issue of academic workplace civility and, in turn, the drafting of policies to address the subject.

"I hope that it leads to recognition of the harm this can do to an individual, an institution or its culture," the article quotes Wallace as saying.

The article is available online at http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/06/15/how-tackle-incivility-among-faculty-members.

"We first became interested in the topic addressed at the conference while collaborating on a study about societal incivility that was affecting this generation of students, and we focused on the influence of reality television on communication styles," Wallace explained.

The results of the study led to an earlier presentation in Athens, Greece.

"Amy and I went to graduate school, but our first collaboration of any type was the presentation last year and then this presentation. We have another planned for the Association for Conflict Resolution conference in the fall," Wallace said. "We were catching up one day, talking about our experiences, and realized that although teaching in different places we had many similar experiences. We then began to discuss research ideas, and each new idea has stemmed from the previous study."

Wallace is a 2011 Ohio University Presidential Teacher Award recipient. She joined the OU-C faculty in 1999 as an assistant professor and was promoted to associate professor in 2005. Wallace earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Rio Grande and both her master's degree, in interpersonal communication, and her doctoral degree, in interpersonal communication with certification in women's studies, from Ohio University.