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Mail Services updates Athens campus on My Digital Doorman

On Friday, Mail Services sent out an email to all Athens campus faculty and staff about My Digital Doorman.

On behalf of the Ohio University Mail Services Department I would like to apologize for the confusion regarding the previous email and the confusion that it presented. The earlier email message from My Digital Doorman is legitimate and it is a service that we will be offering here at Ohio University.
My Digital Doorman is a web-based program that will allow individuals and departments to track their incoming packages online and to receive email notifications when packages arrive. You will need to visit the website that was provided in order to activate your account to access the information.
You do not need to login to the system to receive package notifications. However, logging into this system will allow you to customize your package notification preferences. For instance, by adding your mobile phone number you may opt to get all of your package notifications via text message instead of email.
Neither My Digital Doorman nor Ohio University Main Mailroom or South Green Mail Room will share any of the information you enter into this site. ONLY package notification from Ohio University Mailroom will be sent to you from us.
For more details on this system please contact us, Ohio University Mailroom. We hope you enjoy this new and expanded service.
Best regards,

Shelly Lowery-Rowan
Director, Mail Services