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Mill Fest Green Team volunteers needed Saturday

Faculty and staff members will earn $50 for four-hour shift

Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and Vice President for Finance and Administration Steve Golding sent the following email to Athens Campus faculty and staff on Monday morning:

Dear Colleagues:

As most of you are aware the 2012 Street Fest events in the City of Athens have generated concern among Athens residents, students, staff, and parents.

For several years during Halloween the University has employed a successful volunteer program, known as "Green Jackets," to provide an additional presence on campus and in surrounding areas. We will use a similar approach to help monitor the upcoming Mill Fest scheduled on Saturday, May 12. This group will be known as the "Green Team."

We are writing today to ask faculty and administrative staff to work alongside student volunteers in an effort to ensure that the event reflects the expectations that we have for our students and our responsibilities as members of the broader Athens community.

Please consider volunteering to be a member of the Green Team. Each group of volunteers will walk through designated areas wearing a clearly marked Ohio University Staff T-shirt and hat. Our experiences with Halloween suggest that the presence of the Green Team will serve as a check on misbehavior. Green Team members will provide assistance as needed and act as a conduit to police if issues of personal safety and property arise.

There will be two 4-hour shifts one from noon to 4 p.m. and one from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Food and beverages will be provided at Jefferson Hall. Volunteers also will receive a $50 gift card to Baker University Center in appreciation of their efforts.

Ninety (90) to one hundred (100) Green Team volunteers are needed for the two shifts (45/50 per shift). You may volunteer for one or both shifts. If interested, please contact Jill Harris at harrisj4@ohio.edu no later than close of business Wednesday, May 9. Please indicate your shift preference, your email address and your cell phone number.

A briefing will be scheduled on the day of the event prior to each shift. Volunteers will be notified of the location and time of the briefing.

Thank you for considering this request.


Pam Benoit
Executive Vice President and Provost

Steve Golding
Vice President for Finance and Administration