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David Olere's work "To Burn Their Sisters and Brothers," 1945

Photo courtesy of: Multicultural Center


Helga Weissova's work "Sent to Hell." This depicts Helga’s memory of being forced from home

Photo courtesy of: Multicultural Center

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Children's Holocaust art exhibit displayed in Baker Center

"Art of the Holocaust: From the Children, About the Children, For the Children," a traveling art museum, will be on display at Ohio University on April 1-30. It will be located in the Multicultural Center Art Gallery in Baker University Center.

From 1933-1945, the years of the Holocaust, 1.5 million Jewish children from Europe were murdered. "Art of the Holocaust" pieces were created by children in a variety of ghettos and concentration camps and speaks of the emotions that young people experienced as they endured the Holocaust.

It covers nine levels of reality experienced by the artists and the event is grouped into categories based on each emotion. Humiliation, fear, isolation, hunger, captivity, freedom, risk, starvation and loss are all featured with compassion as the overriding emotion of the entire series.

This exhibit is part of the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education. Its goal is to educate the public about the Holocaust, to remember its victims and to act on the lessons learned from the tragedy.

The exhibit will be on display during Holocaust Remembrance Day, also called Yom HaShoah. It begins on the evening of Wednesday, April 18 and ends on the evening of Thursday, April 19.

This gallery is sponsored by the Multicultural Center.