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All six OHIO campuses compete for RecycleMania titles

After two weeks of pre-season trials, RecycleMania officially began Sunday, Feb. 5. For the first time, all six Ohio University campuses are participating in the competition, which runs through March 31.

OHIO joins more than 540 schools across the United States and Canada in the 12th annual collegiate recycling tournament. Participating schools will compete in nine categories to see who recycles the most on a per capita basis, who produces the least amount of waste and who recycles the largest percentage of their overall waste stream.

According to Adam Riehl, director of Facilities Management, OHIO will focus on the "Waste Minimization" category in this year's RecycleMania competition through:

  • An unwanted bulk mail reduction campaign
  • Surplus property donations or sales
  • The creation of a system to report wasteful practices and offer suggestions for waste reduction


Based on the week one pre-season results, released Friday, Recycling and Refuse Manager Ed Newman said OHIO has much room for improvement.

"We are relatively big overall consumers," said Newman, who co-founded the RecycleMania competition in 2001. "This is probably contributed by things like Grab n' Go and all the disposables used in our dining services. We could do a lot better overall to reduce some of the ways we make waste."

But Newman believes the University's performance will improve as the competition unfolds.

"I can tell you that as the competition starts, Ohio University will be more competitive than we (were in the pre-season), so look out," he said.

For more information about the competition and results, visit www.recyclemaniacs.org.

OHIO highlights from week one of RecycleMania's pre-season trials:

OHIO's Athens campus topped its Mid-American Conference competitors and placed 23rd nationally in the "Gorilla" competition, which measures total amount of recycling.

OHIO's southern campus placed 11th in the "Waste Minimization" competition, which measures overall consumption per person.

OHIO's Lancaster campus posted 16th place in the "Per Capita Class" category, which measures the combined amount of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans collected on a per person basis. Lancaster also posted an 8th place finish in paper recycling.

OHIO's Athens campus posted the strongest finish among OHIO campuses in the overall competition, placing 55th out of 123 schools, with a total recycling rate of 32.89 percent.

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