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Blitz Week

Jerry Miller, the interim communications studies director, helps Ben Fitchett, a communications studies sophomore, fill our his TDCP form at the Q2S Blitz Advising Session.

Photographer: Stephanie Morrison

Blitz Week

Sarah Patten Sagardia, a graduate student, helps Brigette Gardner, a sophomore communications studies major, fill out her TDCP form at the Q2S Blitz Advising Session.

Photographer: Stephanie Morrison

Blitz Week

Miller instructs students on how to fill out their TDCP forms.

Photographer: Stephanie Morrison

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Ohio University kicks off Q2S Blitz Week

This week, Ohio University prepares to transition from quarters to semesters with Q2S Blitz Week.

The campus-wide awareness campaign hopes to alert more students to the ever-approaching switch to semesters and how they can make the transition easy.

All week students can expect to see flyers, banners and signs spread around campus urging them to meet with their advisors and take the necessary steps to make sure they're on track for the switch to semesters.

"In a sense, it is an awareness campaign to help make sure that everywhere students turn they see something that says 'Quarters to semesters, meet with your advisor, make a plan,'" explained Linda Lockhart, manager of communication for the Q2S initiative. "That's really the base message: students should be aware they need to make a transition advising appointment, meet with their adviser and complete a transition degree completion plan, or TDCP."

The goal is to get students' attention. Before May 1 the university every student should have completed the TDCP process.

"Students have a level of responsibility for participating in the planning process with a transition advisor and this campaign is a reminder that winter and early spring quarters are 'prime time' for completing that process. Instead of filtering out little bits all along the way, if we can get a lot of awareness publicity out at once maybe we can create some buzz," Lockhart continued.

Although Blitz Week isn't an event in the traditional sense, it still will hold some of the more traditional elements.

"We definitely are going to distribute posters and banners as well as have some information tables set-up," Lockhart said. "There will be people at dinning halls through the week just to answer questions, but also, there probably will be some fun drawings and maybe a few surprises."