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Lancaster Electronic Media students launch radio show

Ohio University Lancaster Electronic Media students will launch their radio show Thursday, Jan. 5, 12:30 p.m., on a station serving communities in and around the campus.

The students' podcast formula and target demographic caught the attention of Mark Bohach, owner of WLOH radio and OHIO alumnus. He knew his all-talk format was popular with the over-40 audience, but he wanted to broaden his reach.

"I'm looking to gain younger listeners as well, and the students' show is just the right demo," said Bohach, who wants to highlight local culture with a youth perspective.

"The Mirror" podcast grew out of an audio production class during which the students created a half-hour news show. Josh Mogan asked fellow students Reid Dillashaw, Jesse Warner and Jaime Poling to join him in writing and producing the podcast.

"I based the format on talk radio shows, blocking out time for each segment," said Mogan.

He and Dillashaw wanted to cover basic news relevant to a young demographic.

The 14- to 18-minute podcast featured sports scores and commentary, entertainment news with a special focus on local bands, movie reviews, and interviews with students about programs and events, such as the recent theater production. Needing other voices for the show, they invited fellow students to join them, reading news, reviews and parodies. Several theater students have become regular "voices" in the show.

"The Mirror" radio show will follow a similar format with 20 minutes of programming.  

The students excited to produce and air the show, and they will use the opportunity to fulfill their internship requirements.

The show will air weekly on Thursdays, 12:30-1 p.m., on WLOH 1320 AM, 99.3 FM and 104.5 FM.